Your Big Sister's Closet 1 Year Anniversary & Body Positive Installation!
Hey everyone! I just wanted to share some pictures from Your Big Sister's Closet 1 Year Anniversary and Body Positive Installation, it was seriously amazing and i'm so proud of all the beautiful women who were a part of it!
for a better understanding please read Karen's artist statement below;
“This Art Installation, named ‘There Is No Right Way To Have A Body,’ addresses society’s obsession with size and weight, and focuses on the models’ refusal to be body shamed. By drawing on the aesthetics of protest, the project contextualizes the problem as the human rights issue it is”
for more information/pictures you can check out my full post here.

dior maquillage
Since another poster did some OOTDs, I'll join in as well.

Lots of pics behind the post. I apologize for the not-so-great quality; I have extremely trembly hands. Nevertheless, you'll get a fair idea of what I'm wearing. For reference, I'm 5'6" and a 20-22.

ootd in multipleCollapse )

Deathfat OOTDs
Weebles wobble but they don't fall down
I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I miss seeing regular OOTD posts here. Watching folks develop their own fatshion blogs* is awesome and wonderful, but the community feel of this forum was valuable to me. I miss being a regular poster. So, here I am, posting!

I have a bunch of OOTDs stockpiled, so don't click through unless you are ready for a mini-slew of photos of a very fat, rather short, headless girl who wears dresses+socks+flats. No high heels, on-trend-pretty-much-anything, or face pix here, sorry!

Oh, and for folks local to Boston or who can get here in the spring, The Big Thrifty ( is Sat., May 3rd! Make room in those closets for fatshion for a fraction! Free parking! Everything under $10! Accessible venue! Free shuttle all day to/from Wellington Station! XL+ clothes for all genders! Clothing donations being accepted now!

And now...Colors! Cardigans! Crocs!Collapse )

ANA jeans
Hello lovely fats! A question for my American babes. Last year I found a pair of A.N.A jeans for $2 at a consignment store. I am in LOVE with these bad boys. They fit me perfectly. So I did some searching and found this brand is sold at JC Penney. The website doesn't have a ton of options in the plus sizes, so I'm wondering if any of you know if there is a bigger selection in stores?? Specifically jeans? I'm in Canada and sadly we don't have JC Penney here, but my birthday is coming up and I want to buy myself another pair of these jeans! Help! (also if anyone has any of these jeans in a size 22/skinny I would buy them from you and pay for shipping... Just saying!)

Buffalo Exchange in Seattle on University Way
cuppy hair & bow
Just a head's up: I dropped off tons & tons & tons of dresses & a few awesome coats (leopard, pink ruffles & teal ruffles) at the Buffalo Exchange on University Way recently. Sizes range from 16-24. Most of the items are Mod Cloth but there's also eShakti & ASOS Curve too. The last time I dropped stuff off there, they told me everything sold super quick (YAY!!!) and they're anticipating the same thing this time too.

I hope you go & more so, I hope you find something awesome <3 <3

Hey everyone! Wanted to share my first Fatshion February post! More info/pics here.


Hey everyone! Just wanted to share a twinsies ootd, for more photos/outfit info you can visit my blog here.


Well, this is pretty awesome.

Have you heard about Whitney Thore? She's a radio producer and blogger on a mission to prove you can sure as heck dance at any size.

The article came up on my Huffington Post app as a recommendation. I am so glad I read it. Whitney has a great outlook, an awesome campaign, and is a fabulous fat dancer. Her story is also pretty close to mine and I related a lot to her journey (participated in high-energy activity, PCOS diagnosis in college that was accompanied with weight gain, dropping out of previously beloved activities because of body image issues etc.).

Here is the Huff Post article:

This is the link to her website and campaign. All of her "fat girl dancing" videos can be found here.

Here's just a link to the video series. The ones posted by "Jared Katie" are Whitney.

Thought you all might be interested in all this coolness. I just spent the last hour of my regular mid-week insomnia watching her videos several times and reading her website. I wish I wasn't six+ months pregnant and on modified bedrest/ have movement restrictions or I'd totally sign up for a dance class ASAP after watching this. Maybe when the alien makes his entrance and I heal up I'll check out something local and drag a friend with me.

me 2007
I wore this adorable ASOS Curve dress to a port tasting with my girlie at a local winery. To see more photos of me in this dress, as well as photos of Kate in a cute Eloquii floral dress, check out my blog, The Muffin Queen's Closet


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