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The perfect airline for fats?
Hey fats. I wanted to plan a trip to London, UK next May after I finish school for the summer. Unfortunately, the cheapest flight I could find has 17" seats and as I am 5'2" and well over 250 pounds (I refuse to weigh myself unless I'm at the doctor or something) I am likely unable to fit into these seats. I'm really depressed :(

Any thoughts/ideas?

I Was Victim of Fat Discrimination From Southwest Airlines
*sigh* Warning: LONG!

On Saturday I had a 1 hour flight to Las Vegas for my Aunt's wedding. I was more stressed about going through security check, making sure i had all of my 3oz liquids in order, but never did I think I would have to deal with this shit.

So after the smooth security check, i was waiting at my gate for the plane to arrive. Sitting there killing time i thought to ask the SouthWest receptionist (or whatever they're called) if i could print out my boarding pass for my returning flight. So she said,

SouthWest: "Sure! however I think you need to purchase another seat...."

Me: "Why?...."

SW: "Well, me and some other people have been observing you because i needed a second opinion and we've all agreed that it looks like you can use an extra seat for safety reasons and that you wont approach in others spaces. Have you flown with SW before?"

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Air Canada info?
Hi all,

A friend of mine is flying to Orlando from Toronto on Air Canada and is worried about getting "Kevin Smithed" (his words.) Anyone here ever flown them to put his mind at ease...or not? Thanks for any info you can provide.

A mini freakout
I'm sure many of you are probably tired of hearing of the Kevin Smith/Southwest saga, but the whole drama has me seriously freaked out. I'm flying in April and May (American and Delta respectively) and while I never gave one single thought about fitting into the airplane seats while booking, I now can't get it off my mind. The most prominent worry I have is that I know my American flight is full, and I'm flying to Puerto Rico to board a cruiseship, so I really can't risk huge delays. I've left a good 6-7 hour buffer between plane landing and cruise boarding, but if I'm told I can't fly/need a second seat and they don't have one, I'm sooooo screwed. I am traveling with my thin(er) boyfriend, and hope that helps...but I just don't know. Getting home is an issue too, but being delayed there is not as much of a catastrophe.

I'm 5'1ish, 240 lbs, size 20-22 on bottom. Apple shaped, no hips to speak of. I use a wheelchair, so I don't have many full body pics, but here is one from last Valentine's Day for reference (I'm maybe 10-15 lbs lighter now):

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I looked in the tags for these Airlines, and didn't see anything good to report. I'm hoping someone has some recent experience to ease (or trouble) my mind.

Thank you!

Another Airlines Question
Hi all,

Apologies for the non-fatshion related question:

I may be flying on US Airways here soon, and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this airline in particular? For the record, I'm 5'5", a solid 270, size 26-28 all the way 'round.

Despite some fairly serious searching, I couldn't find anything about having to buy a second seat on their website, so dare I believe this is actually a good company to fly with?


ootds and a mini-ramble.
Dear Beautifuls,

I want to get something out.

I think what Southwest did to Kevin Smith is a class a ASSHOLE thing to do. I am glad he has the balls to stand up, even if he is an asshole about it. And for once- I think we deserve to be heard. I know some people might disagree with the way he goes about it, but I sorta like it. Lighting a fire!!

okay... onto the OOTDS. These are just loads of random, silly happy ones. I'm trying to be self-confident, and want to share that fragile confidence with ya'll. Most are really goofy [:

Also. Cut my hair way off. As you can see!
So.. click away?

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Second Seat Policies/Alaska Airlines

Hi, everyone! I realize this isn't a fashion-related question, but I don't really know where else to turn. I'm hoping some of you could shed some light on this "second seat" policy that a lot of airlines are starting to enforce. I know people have asked about this before, so sorry if I'm beating a dead horse, but I don't really understand what's going to happen as I'm boarding my plane. 

I'm flying with Alaska Airlines at the end of this month and I'm really nervous; on the website, it states that if you can't fit comfortably into a seat with both armrests down, you have to buy a 2nd seat.

Well, this is leaving me pretty confused, because how am I supposed to know if I'll fit until I'm ON the plane? Have any of you been forced to buy a 2nd seat while you were boarding because the flight attendants didn't think you'd fit? Is someone going to single me out of line and measure me? And specifically, does anyone have experience with Alaska Airlines? 

I'm so worried about this...I haven't been on an airplane since I was 16 (I'm 20 now) and I was much smaller then. I don't mind using a seatbelt extender (but I have to admit it's going to be pretty embarrassing), but I definitely don't have the money to buy a 2nd seat.

For reference, I'm 5'6", ~230 lbs, and size 18/20.


A question about flying United Airlines and a few pictures for clarification
Hi there, fatties.

I've looked through the airlines tag and didn't find anything directly pertaining to this. Sorry if I overlooked anything.

My mom, sister, her boyfriend, my boyfriend and I are all thinking of relocating from mid-Missouri to North Carolina, so we are going to take a week long trip to the areas we're interested to decide if we want to go through with it. Which is all just fine, except my mom made all of the travel arrangements for us and I've just found out we're going to be flying with the dreaded United Airlines, bane of fatties everywhere.
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The non cleavage-rific pictures are of me (in an extremely ill-fitting bra), my dad, and my sister (who will also be flying). She's gained some weight since then but it's still fairly accurate.

Honestly, I could probably get my boyfriend to pay for the extra seat if I have to, but neither myself nor my sister really has the money for it. Also, I don't really fancy being publicly persecuted. I'm really worried about this, so any help would be very gratefully appreciated.</div>

Fats on a Plane: European Edition
Hi y'all! I'm a longtime generally lurking fatshionista. (with the occasional opinionated comment!) I am a Chicago gal by birth but live in London, UK, with my London-born sweetie.

Anyway I spent a few weeks in Brussels for work and while there, I took several flights in Europe and I couldn't help but compare it to similar flights I've taken in the States.

The first flight I took was a Brussels-based carrier, Brussels Airlines. The plane was your average domestic-travel size plane. (Sorry I am not a plane person so I don't remember the number, but I know it was an Airbus.) I am about 5'9.5, weigh something in between 275 - 300 lbs and normally wear a size 20 - 24, depending on the item. The seats were VERY comfortable and there was plenty of slack left on the seatbelt once it was fastened. I was in the absolute cheapest of the cheap seats - you had to pay for water!- and there was still so much room that I never even brushed the elbow of my seatmate. Legroom was similar to American domestic.

A few days later I took two short flights on Air France. Both planes were of the tiny, twin-prop variety. Again, the seat was perfectly comfortable - didn't feel tight at all - and again there was plenty of slack with the seatbelt fastened, and again the leg room was comparable to an American twin-prop.

All of this leads me to wonder... WHY IS THIS? I know on comparable flights in the US I have felt very wedged in the seat and although I have never needed a seatbelt extender there certainly has not really been any slack left after the belt's fastened. Is it just that seats are larger on European planes? If Americans are "Suffering from the obesity epdidemic" and Europeans are so much thinner than us, shouldn't the opposite be true? OR... have American carriers reduced the sizes of the seats in an attempt to cram more people in and possibly extract more money out of those who can't fit in the seats?

Air Tran
 Hello everyone,

I'm a long, long, long time lurker. I have a question that I have not been able to find the answer to myself.  I'm scheduled to fly to Atlanta via Air Tran this Sunday and I'm a bit worried. I'm a 26 on the bottom and carry most of my weight around my midsection. Typically, I have no problem flying Southwest. I can usually get away without using an extender. 

Has anyone flown Air Tran recently? Anyone had any issues flying them? 

According to a seat measurement guide, their seats are the same size as Continental's.

Thanks so much for your help! 


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