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Work wear (jeans & skirt), going out wear, etc...
fabulouskel wrote in fatshionista
Hey there! Here are some pics of my everyday work wear. I work for a video game publisher as an admin in the legal dept. It is tres casual. I wear a 22 on the bottom and 18/20 on top.  However as many of you know Target sizing is of the devil!!!  The sweaters from Target in the following pics or sized 24/26.  Go figure.  
First pic is pretty standard work day wear:

Jeans: Avenue, black shirt: Old Navy, long sleeve: Target(22/24), scarf(leopard/rose print) Ross


When we have guests coming to the office or when I want to rock a skirt, I wear one. I prefer circle skirts because they make me want to twirl ands sing "la la la"! Skirt: The Rack ($4.98), sweater: Target, Shoes: Anne Klein 

This one is my going out outfit. I LOVE pencil skirts and my partner can;t keep her hands off my hips when I wear one. The Skirt is from Torrid and it is HOT!!!  The sweater is from Target, the shoes Tommy Hilfeiger

Hair with out headband/wrap

Hair with headband/wrap.


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my goodness, you're gorgeous! wow. you especially are rocking that headband.
and i love -- and please don't take this the wrong way -- seeing chubby-ankle-twins-of-me like you who are so stinking hot and wearing pencil skirts. i used to be self-conscious of my legs/ankles and not wear knee skirts but i got over that a couple of years ago and now i love shorter skirts. :)

Thanks! I too had the issue with the chubby ankles but my love of skirts beat the crap out of it! Big-legged women rule!

Hot hot hot! I'm impressed that you can look so good in a circle skirt and a straight skirt... I feel like most people default to one or the other. I can't see the pattern on the full skirt -- is that paisley?

I also wanted to say that I LOVE your glasses. And that lipstick shade is great on you.

Thank you! Glasses are navy boue with bright green on the inside of frame, and the lipstick is called 'Brigh Fuscis" by Zuri , makeup for women of color. I found it at Walmart. I usually gravitate to the lipstick shades that are for women with darker skin because the colors strike me as so much richer and with more blue undertones.

Bright green inside frame = EXTRA AWESOME

I covet that leopard print skirt so much! You're lovely!

Thank you. There is some very gentle stretch to the skirt to keep it clinging. It was $38. I splurged.

Wow, you look awesome in that headband!

Thanks! I found it at Target. It's got this really cute mod-print in pinks and browns. They had one in pale gree and blue as well. 6 bucks.

You look great! Also, seriously, in that first photo you and I could be hair and glasses twins. And I love your lipstick!

Thank you! The lipstick is called 'Bright Fuscia" by Zuri , makeup for women of color. I found it at Walmart.

you are really pretty. I love your style. Your confidence is apparent. I love your glasses and lipstick.

And you are rockin' that layered look that I covet so much

Thank you! I have finally moved into the layered look. Normally I don't like feeling so 'bulked up" but some of the fabrics on the shirts are so thin that layering is not a problem.

OMG, you are SO CUTE!! I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off your hips either, and I'm (mostly) straight!! :)

LOL! Thank you. If you're in Seattle, let me know so I can tell my hips.

(Deleted comment)
S/he says s/he is. I'll take that FWIW!

that headband looks awesome on you with your fringe and your hot glasses!

i'm tempted to sew up a similar leopard print pencil skirt, because shipping is ridiculous to australia.

Thank you! The pattern of the skirt seems pretty simple, but I don't sew (I wire work, bead and knit).

I tried this skirt on at Torrid a few weeks back and loved it, but I was too chicken to buy it. After seeing how amazingly hot you look in it, I may have to make a trip back this weekend! Thanks for sharing, you look fantastic in all the outfits!

Than you! Get the skirt. I was a bit hesitant, then I tried it on and it was as if angels sang! Well, maybe not angels singing but me shouting 'hell yeah!" from the dressing room.

You have an AMAZING smile. Your whole face lights up.
I also have to say I like your use of scarves.
I haven't tried wearing one.
I don't have any and don't know where to use/when I'll have the opportunity to.

Thanks! I wear scarves all the time. It's a way to dress up a rather blah outfit plus a way to pop some color in. I tie them on my purses too.

you are SO pretty!! i love that cheetah print skirt.

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