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Work wear (jeans & skirt), going out wear, etc...

Hey there! Here are some pics of my everyday work wear. I work for a video game publisher as an admin in the legal dept. It is tres casual. I wear a 22 on the bottom and 18/20 on top.  However as many of you know Target sizing is of the devil!!!  The sweaters from Target in the following pics or sized 24/26.  Go figure.  
First pic is pretty standard work day wear:

Jeans: Avenue, black shirt: Old Navy, long sleeve: Target(22/24), scarf(leopard/rose print) Ross


When we have guests coming to the office or when I want to rock a skirt, I wear one. I prefer circle skirts because they make me want to twirl ands sing "la la la"! Skirt: The Rack ($4.98), sweater: Target, Shoes: Anne Klein 

This one is my going out outfit. I LOVE pencil skirts and my partner can;t keep her hands off my hips when I wear one. The Skirt is from Torrid and it is HOT!!!  The sweater is from Target, the shoes Tommy Hilfeiger

Hair with out headband/wrap

Hair with headband/wrap.


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