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first time post!!
kimbahlee wrote in fatshionista
i haven't posted in here before, so i thought i'd give it a whirl... :-)

for reference, i'm about a size 20 on the bottom and an 18 or so on top. pretty standard throughout. an eggplant, then. ;-)

under the cut are some of my more recent purchases.

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look how excited i am! i'm wearing a pegasus shirt from old navy, and brown plaid pants from a thrift store.

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fancy, eh? an old navy long sleeve and a target skirt. my favorite part about this shirt is what it says on the back:
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it's a whirly twirly day! i'm wearing a brown a-line skirt from torrid, a low cut top with lacy tie from fashion to figure, and a sheer navy cardigan from target.

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oh, the writer in me.. in this picture, i'm wearing a velvet ruffly top from target, with a black tank top underneath (thrift?), and old navy jeans. oh, and my favorite corduroy blazer, which i found at a thrift store.

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i look haughty here, but i'm trying to tell my roommate about this top, which i bought on sale at torrid. same jeans as the pic above. :-)

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old navy owns me.. mmm i love me some stripes. both the scarf and sweater are from old navy. i got the sweater for two bucks since there was a rip in the arm. amazing, i know! i used to shy away from stripes, but no longer!

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one of my favorite dykey outfits.. i get all the ladies when i wear this. ;-) everything is thrifted in this outfit. except the mensa cards. those are my roommate's.

i apologize in advance for not accessorizing or wearing shoes in these photos. i was lazy, but also, look how many damn shoes i have. i just simply couldn't be troubled! (you should read that last sentence after looking at me in the turquoise torrid top... haha)
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so, what do you guys think? how should i jazz up my style or how would you accessorize my outfits? :-) i'd love to know. you are all so inspiring. i'm glad i joined this community! it's really brought the fatshionista out in me, i think...

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I'm loving the stripes and the sweater vest. And the ruffly black shirt combo.

those are my favorites, too. thanks! :-)

I LOVE your glasses.
I'm also quite fond of the stripey outfit, the dykey outfit & the writer outfit.

I like to see dreadlocks worn in two pigtails or buns with sticks. I like to see busty girls in v-neck shirts rather than crewneck ones. I think you'd look great in some longer tunic-y shirts with curves or with ties so you can create curves. I like what the more saturated jewel tones & earthtones do for you rather than the lighter colors. Also, maybe some wooden beaded necklaces to go with the beads in your hair? You've already got some good accessories in your glasses, hair, body mods & funky shoes. ; >

i just got glasses this year; i had such a difficult time picking some out. so thank you for that.

i haven't tried wearing my dreads in a bun- i do like the pigtail look, too. someday i'll post photos of that.

i love wooden beaded necklaces. i need more. oh man, do i ever...

You are lovely! They dykey outfit gets me too! And the stripes!

hooray! i have become addicted to stripes. no kidding there. i just bought 4 scarves from old navy for $7. TOTAL. sexystripes!!

I love that Pegasus shirt. Want it!

The striped top/striped shirt combo is one that I would never think would work, but it really does. Color me impressed. You're obviously all about experimentation, which is the number one thing for fashion.

I think you should invest in chunky/beady necklaces, which I think always funk up an outfit. Also, have you tried wearing that red blazer over printed tees like the Pegasus one? I love that look.

i do need more chunky necklaces. if you have suggestions on where to look, fire away. i usually strike out at the thrift stores. :-(

pegasus shirt=old navy. get there, and get there quick!

i never the thought the stripes would work together either, but boy am i glad i've seen the light! ;-) you should try it out and post me a picture..

hottie is what i think. hottie who dresses awesome. who i wish i could dress like. A++

you could dress like this. get a sweater vest and a tie and we will be twins. hottie twins. ;-)

aw! I have dreads too and that grey striped sweater!!! yay another dreadhead!

yay! i haven't seen you post in here in awhile. (hint, hint!)

take a pic in the grey sweater! and with your dreads in a crazy unique style that i can mimic!

wooo! awesome! I especiallu love the "writer in me" and "whirly twirly day" outfits. And, from one eggplant to another: you can wear tighter things on top. Seriously. Rock those busoms! ;)

i'm always terrified of my boobs- it's only recently that i've been dressing more feminine... but i will take that into account, especially with all these ridiculous online sales going on. ;-)

My fave is the geek chic reading the mensa box outfit.

thanks. ;-) i am the geekiest girl i know. so it seems pretty accurate (minus the mensa part).

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