The Last Unicorn (lindsalicious) wrote in fatshionista,
The Last Unicorn

Active/Performance Panties

Plus size active/performance panties that don't suck. Do they exist?

Criteria: fully synthetic fabric (i.e., no cotton) with wicking properties; I'm generally an 18/20, so something in that size range; under $20/pair, but if they cost that much, they better have an impressive warranty/return policy; hipster or something of a similar fit. Truly, I only need two pair -- one for on my butt and one that is being washed/dried.

I've tried the dazzler and seamless hipsters from Lane Bryant. The dazzlers get all up in places they don't belong and the seamless ones chafe like motherfuckers. I'm generally not impressed with the quality of LB panties anyway.

I ordered some Dear Kates Hazel hipsters in a 2X. No thank you. They run large, the fit is bizarre, and the fabric feels like swimsuit bottoms. Because they are dual marketed as active AND period panties, I suspect others of a similar nature (Thinx, Knixwear, etc.) will also not be for me, but I'm open to discussion if someone has rave reviews.

I tried Duluth Trading Co.'s Buck Naked briefs in an XL. I wasn't in love with the fabric, but I had to agree that it felt like I wasn't wearing anything when I initially put them on. Sadly, I became increasingly aware of them because they stretched out almost a full size over the course of a day's wear. There's nothing like saggy granny panties under your workout pants.

Others I've considered: Ex Officio, but the stats are almost identical to DTC's Buck Nakeds and I expect similar results; JunoActive, but they REALLY look like swimsuit bottoms.

Any help would be appreciated.

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