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I need pants!
shut up
shiroduckie wrote in fatshionista
Guys, I need help. I need dress pants for work, the wide-leg trouser kind (because anything skinnier than a bootcut will not go up past the knee in the dressing room). Unfortunately for me, my usual source (Lane Bryant) has gone the way of the devil with nothing but Tighter Tummy Technology (which, on me, is consistently painful below the waistline and about 9 months pregnant above; Spanx are not my friend). Lo and behold, my backup of Old Navy has also decided that similar "technology" should be applied to all their khakis. Avenue also looks like they've done the same thing.

So, what I'm asking is this: does anyone know where I can find trouser-style, wide-leg (or at least not tapered) dress pants, in a size 26? All I'm finding on fullbeauty/onestopplus are terrible, terrible, granny pants.

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I am currently interviewing for full-time jobs and just bought dress/work clothes from Avenue. They are not my usual style, but they DO have nicer dress clothes and the basics are pretty good. I found a great pair of wide leg dress pants that don't cut off uncomfortably. They are on the more expensive side, but I signed up for their store card and saved 30% in-store that day and then was able to get a lot of bogo half off type deals.

FYI avenue had both the tighter tummy ones and also ones that weren't, in-store.


Below is the one I bought. FYI I am about 5'8" and really needed the long for this not to look stupid on me and make me look like I'm way older than I am. I have a problem where it's hard to find fashion forward stuff that doesn't make me look and feel old.

The Slimming ones were incredibly uncomfortable, but this was perfectly fine.


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