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Wide calf rain boots
jackiedawn wrote in fatshionista

Has anyone had luck finding wide calf rain boots? Been looking around online, with not a lot of luck.


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I haven't actually made the move to buying them, but Jileon is where I've been eyeing pairs for the last several months. Now that my partner and I are trying to get out walking a bit more with our dogs, here in the Pacific Northwest, they will come very much in handy.

Has anyone else had boots from them? They appear to be UK-based, but I think they ship internationally.


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I've also heard good things about Jileon (from this post here) but I haven't bought from them either. In fact, I don't have personal experience with any of these (I think the last time I bought boots, it was at Target, sigh), but here are some links:

5 places to get wide-calf boots from affatshionista

Boots for broads (not a blog post, a store I read about)

Several suggestions (starting about halfway down the page) from from Lesley on xojane

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Sorry this doesn't directly address what you're asking for but I bought some ankle, rain boots.

This suggestion might be heresy... but I found a super cheap and surprisingly comfortable pair of rubber rain boots that actually fit my extremely muscular and extra wide calves at Walmart of all places. They had basic black and a fun animal print. I put my own insoles in them and they've been good for dog walks on super wet days.

This only works if you have terribly tiny feet, but I've found the children's rain boots at Payless to fit pretty comfortably, with an insole. Have to wear tall socks with them because they rub a bit, but that's kinda par for the course.

If you don't have tiny feet but wide calves, I'm sorry this was not helpful. =l

Thanks for all the responses, I think I will look into the Jileon brand... And I actually tried on a pair of Muck brand rain boots for women that were super stretchy in the calf, so I may think about those as well, even though they are not cute at all.

The last ones I bought were from Target and they did a really good job while being plenty big enough for 18ish inch calves in a size 8.

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