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Dress Help
Michael links lip
philstar22 wrote in fatshionista
Hey everyone,
I really need your help. My sister is getting married in April and I'm a bridesmaid. Finding an affordable dress has been a problem because my parents are buying it and don't want it to be much more than $100. My sister has been pretty good about what she's okay with. She just has a color pallet and I can find any dress in one of those colors.

So we originally ordered a custom dress from JJ House. Only they somehow couldn't follow the measurements we sent. It is too small in every way. And they didn't leave any extra fabric at the seam for it to be fixable and aren't willing to make a new one.

So does anyone know of a good website for getting good plus size bridesmaid dresses? Thanks.

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eShakti. Reasonably priced, $7.50 extra for custom sizing, and if it's your first order there's a discount coupon. Definitely order while there's a sale, because there's nearly always a sale. Plus, the dresses have POCKETS!

I loved some of their dresses, but they don't have a lot of color options. My sister's color palette is "antique pastels" mostly pinks and champagne color. Most of their bridesmaid dresses were black or grey.

Is it possible to buy something in white and have it dyed? Not sure if it's cost effective but it's an idea. :-) you could also try Modcloth, though they don't do custom sizing as far as I know.

Thanks. This is an idea. We ended up finding something at Target, and if that doesn't work they messed up on my mother's dress and that one actually almost fits me and would just need a couple of doable alterations. And it is actually cute and in the right color pattern. So I think I'm going to be all right.

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