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Dress Help
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philstar22 wrote in fatshionista
Hey everyone,
I really need your help. My sister is getting married in April and I'm a bridesmaid. Finding an affordable dress has been a problem because my parents are buying it and don't want it to be much more than $100. My sister has been pretty good about what she's okay with. She just has a color pallet and I can find any dress in one of those colors.

So we originally ordered a custom dress from JJ House. Only they somehow couldn't follow the measurements we sent. It is too small in every way. And they didn't leave any extra fabric at the seam for it to be fixable and aren't willing to make a new one.

So does anyone know of a good website for getting good plus size bridesmaid dresses? Thanks.

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Honestly - David's Bridal. So many choices, most shouldn't be too expensive.

The problem with them is their sizing runs small. And the two dresses they had that I thought would work both only went to a 22. I'm a 24, and I'd probably be more like a 26 in their sizing.

They don't have sizes bigger than 24? I find that hard to believe.

It depends on the dress I think. The two I looked at that fit the color pallet and were a cut that would look good on me both only went to 22.

They rarely carry anything over an 18 in store for trying on. if you need something bigger it is special order, final sale.

Seconding David's bridal. We had all over the place up to a 28 in a recent bridal party I was a part of and they had multiple dresses in that size available in a variety of colors. Make sure to check the plus size section and not just bridesmaid's dresses generally on their website. Better luck in a store if you can get to one, and they will measure you in accurate sizing. Also I have actually found their sizes to be on the large side for many of their fabrics. I had a dress ordered in my apparent size and had to have it taken in (don't ever have alterations done there though for bridesmaids, really expensive!) I have always had luck there, and not so much with the send in your measurements type companies.

FYI this is the dress I wore in a recent wedding. It isn't my "style" but it did look decent on me, is really forgiving material (ran big), comes in the colors you mentioned, and goes up to size 30. I did need a lower longline bra with it (the top is see-through) but I eventually found a good one. I thought it would look terrible on me, but it was nice, the bride's style. A lot of dresses I thought would look good looked terrible in person and vice versa.


Also try Modcloth maybe? I just got a really nice dress from there around that price range.

Target, believe it or not, has a few plus size bridesmaid dresses. This one goes to size 28, is $80 and comes in several colors:

If you look around the plus size section there might be a couple more, that just happened to be the first one that popped up.

eShakti. Reasonably priced, $7.50 extra for custom sizing, and if it's your first order there's a discount coupon. Definitely order while there's a sale, because there's nearly always a sale. Plus, the dresses have POCKETS!

I loved some of their dresses, but they don't have a lot of color options. My sister's color palette is "antique pastels" mostly pinks and champagne color. Most of their bridesmaid dresses were black or grey.

Is it possible to buy something in white and have it dyed? Not sure if it's cost effective but it's an idea. :-) you could also try Modcloth, though they don't do custom sizing as far as I know.

Thanks. This is an idea. We ended up finding something at Target, and if that doesn't work they messed up on my mother's dress and that one actually almost fits me and would just need a couple of doable alterations. And it is actually cute and in the right color pattern. So I think I'm going to be all right.

When my brother got married and his wife had a color palate of pinks and blushes I ended up going to Macy's and buying something there. On sale and with coupons it was pretty affordable.

Kiyonna has a couple -- they're not super bridesmaid-y but they fit the color scheme and maybe with a vintage vibe they'd work? There are usually coupon codes out there for at least 20% off, but maybe with Valentine's Day coming up you could get an even better deal.


Try Craigslist if you live in a metropolitan area. I found several plus size bridesmaid dresses there for cheap. If you are lucky you won't have to pay much for alterations. I just search plus dress or David's Bridal Plus.

I got mine from my mom and stepdad's wedding from Roaman's.

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