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Bra help!
iftherainstops wrote in fatshionista
It seems like there are a ton of bras out there, but none work for me, and I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed! I'm a 48c, and my biggest problem with finding a bra that fits is that I have "side boob fat" that will cause the sides of bras to ride up or just be super uncomfortable. Anyone have any experience with this and know what type of bra I should be looking for?

Edit: Thanks to so many great comments I went to LB today and had my first bra fitting. Honestly, it was a bit lackluster. I'm not quite sure the person really knew what they were doing as the proclaimed me to be a 60 DDD, and then said, well if you've been wearing a 48C, let's try a 48DD. I have to say, after trying on a couple, the 50C felt better, but didn't feel like magic, so I left with nada.

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Noooo Lane Bryant is a terrible place to get measured. They are trained completely wrong. Them, Torrid and many other stores train their people to fit you with the +5 method - where they measure your underbust, add 5 inches, and call that your band size. No no no. The underbust measurement should be as close in number to your band size as possible. Otherwise, that's what contributes to side boob. That extra 5 inches they added to the band should be breast tissue that goes into your cups, not tucked under your arms. If you're suffering from sideboob, your band size should go down and cup up because of that.

My guess is that you might feel more comfortable in a 46 or even 44 band, use the scoop and swoop method mentioned in my link below, and get all that side boob into a cup which will probably be closer to an DD+ or more.

If you need a friend to help measure you using that guide linked, do that, but unless it's a professional, independent lingerie place, they're more than likely going to try to measure you in a way that crams you into one of their bras and that will only make Lane Bryant happy.

(That said, I do buy Lane Bryant bras, but I don't let them measure me.)

Sorry for the rant - I've just been in this same position before and it sucked.

that makes so much sense! I went ahead and ordered a measuring tape and will be giving it a go myself with help from the links!

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