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Bra help!
iftherainstops wrote in fatshionista
It seems like there are a ton of bras out there, but none work for me, and I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed! I'm a 48c, and my biggest problem with finding a bra that fits is that I have "side boob fat" that will cause the sides of bras to ride up or just be super uncomfortable. Anyone have any experience with this and know what type of bra I should be looking for?

Edit: Thanks to so many great comments I went to LB today and had my first bra fitting. Honestly, it was a bit lackluster. I'm not quite sure the person really knew what they were doing as the proclaimed me to be a 60 DDD, and then said, well if you've been wearing a 48C, let's try a 48DD. I have to say, after trying on a couple, the 50C felt better, but didn't feel like magic, so I left with nada.

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I agree with the comments above - you may not be wearing the correct size. I used this guide and went from a 44DD to a 40 F and suddenly bras fit perfectly and comfortably.

That links has a TON of other links, including one to the aforementioned a bra that fits subreddit as well as links to universal sizing, and places to buy bras if you find you're a size that's not easily found in stores. I hope it helps you!

I will check that site, thank you! I think the wrong size is definitely the issue!

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