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Dresses Every Day!
birch woods
deralorae wrote in fatshionista
Hey folks!

I've been wearing dresses all month and documenting it as part of the Dressember Fashion Challenge to raise awareness for human trafficking and help stop it.  The idea is to show the inherent dignity of women through the gesture of everyday elegance that sparks conversation.  I'm also trying out vlogging and talk about Star Wars (spoiler free!), and a bit about my life as well as testing a couple filming methods.

Check it and my first 20 outfits out here: http://www.lydiadickson.com/2015/12/vlog-force-awakens-dressember.html

And here's a preview outfit:

Cardigan - LuLaRoe "Sarah", Dress - Her Universe "9th Doctor", Leggings - ModCloth "Fresh Take in Blue Universe", and Boots - Trendsetter by Hushpuppies.

Thanks for reading everyone!

Hope you're having a very Happy Holiday Season!