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Her Universe Sizing
Eve by magnetic-icons
taffimai wrote in fatshionista
Does anyone have any experience with the Her Universe Plus Size Sizing? According to the size chart I should be a 5X, but that seems a bit big since I'm a 16 or 18 in most other plus size brands.

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In a lot of their items that are fitted that's true. In tees and jersey stretch items it's usually not as bad. I own a 9th Doctor stretch jersey dress in XXL that fits my size 20 top and size 22 hips just fine, though the next size up was what was recommended by my measurements. I think an 18 would fit the 5x, though if it's dresses you're looking at (like that cloud city one) they're made smaller busted from what I've read.

Torrid occasionally carries their designs in more true to size cuts too.

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