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Pre-Post Post? Or something?
birch woods
deralorae wrote in fatshionista
Hi friends,
I'm going to post my next capsule wardrobe in another day or so, but since it's a special mini capsule just for December I wrote a post about why I'm doing a mini wardrobe.  Spoilers...it's because I'm not wearing pants this month.

Ok, ok, I'm just wearing dresses.  And I have a super great reason to be doing it beyond a good challenge too.  So if that sparks your interest come read more on my blog - http://www.lydiadickson.com/2015/12/reflections-on-november-what-im-looking.html

Additionally this is a less fashion oriented post, but I created a holiday gift guide featuring all handmade work from a variety of great small businesses.  And to make things better there's a giveaway for a necklace made by The Little Smith!  You can find that post here - http://www.lydiadickson.com/2015/11/handmade-holiday-gift-guide.html

And of course here's an OOTD from day 3 of my Dressember project!

The Sarah maxi cardigan from LuLaRoe (yes it has pockets!), Doctor Who 9th Doctor dress from Her Universe, Fresh Take leggings in Blue Universe from ModCloth, and blue ballet flats by American Eagle for Payless.

Thanks for reading folks!


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So, question about Dressember because you're doing it: how does it work? Like, I get the raising awareness thing sort of, but how does it actually raise awareness? I read the website and am still confused.

Well, many people don't wear dresses often. I'm definitely one of them, and wearing dresses every day starts conversations. And when that happens it opens the door to talk about the reasons why I'm wearing dresses.

I imagine it can be more or less obvious that wearing all dresses might be unusual depending on the person. But the fact that I am now talking about human trafficking in my day to day life, when I otherwise wouldn't as often is in itself is raising awareness.

If I worked in an office that might make more chances, but I don't and instead am blogging and sharing over Instagram and social media. Some people also wear buttons that are meant to help start conversations. It really depends on the person participating and how they want to help raise awareness. Other groups might use a ribbon symbol, do walking challenges, or ice bucket challenges, I see this as a fashion themed counterpart. Some people participating see it as an exercise in minimalism that makes them more thankful along the way too.

I hope this helped explain some, but I'm happy to chat more too if you've got further questions. :-)

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