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Suits for people with big arms?
belleweather wrote in fatshionista
Any experience with suits for people with big (either fat or muscular, or hey, both!) upper arms? I don't mind having things tailored, but in most lines it seems like I've got to order so many sizes up so that my suits fit in my arms that I have a hard time having them fit in the shoulders or waist -- so much so that I'm pretty much asking the tailor to take the whole garment apart.

Any ideas of brands/lines that run a bit big in the arms?

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I have this problem too! The only suggestion I have to offer is to see if eshakti has a jacket that might work, and get it customised.

Sadly my only real feedback is to avoid Tianello, as their arms are *tiny*.

Back when I wore more suits, I had luck with Pendleton and Jones NY suits being ok in the arms. Its been a while, though.

I have a couple of Calvin Klein jackets and blazers and found them, as well as most of their tops, to run larger in the arms (I have HUGE upper arms and the Calvin Kleins fit very comfortably, whereas most jackets do not :/)

I have big arms and generally have good luck with Igigi stuff - but they don't always have jackets.

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