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wicked cool curves
rabidgod wrote in fatshionista
hope this is ok to post! my friend andrea has been working on a line of plus size activewear for months, and she's finally unveiled her kickstarter. she's designed her clothes specifically for plus size bodies and has created some beautiful, vibrant prints. here's some info from the kickstarter:

"Fun, colorful clothing made to fit & flatter curvy & plus size bodies. Size inclusive and body positive. Sizes 6-28. Made in the USA."

this is my favorite piece from her collection, but she has a lot more including a really great pair of leggings that sit veeeery high on the waist

here is the link to her kickstarter. please help by pledging!

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fyi, your photo link isn't working.

thanks for the heads up!

Wow. That is gorgeous.

isn't it??? the blue variant of the diamond print is also sooo pretty.

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