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Workout Gear
maybliss wrote in fatshionista
Hey Fats,

Thought I'd share one of my workout looks with y'all. I workout at home, so nobody really sees me, but I like to think I'd have the confidence to wear this at a crowded gym. Given my fatkini-in-public training, I think I could! I don't know about you, but having a cute outfit helps me get motivated to work out, and showing my stomach feels empowering. My blog is maybliss.ca if you want to see more :)

Here are the outfit dets: Sports bra - Victoria's Secret; Pants - Nola via Addition Elle; Shoes - Under Armour via Champs

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Yay you! You could *totally* wear that at the gym - you look great. Can I ask what kind of workout you do at home? I'm thinking (very vaguely) of doing something, but have no set ideas on what to try...

Thanks!! I bought an elliptical machine a few years back and find I like it a lot. It feels like a good workout, but it's not hard on my joints. I also have some free weights that I use, and then just old fashion crunches. Hope that helps!

You look great! Just be aware, if you do start working out at a gym, some (like mine) have a "no bare midriffs" rule.

Thank you! Really? That's so weird. Thanks for the tip! It would be so disappointing if I worked up the courage to do it and then was told I couldn't.

yeah, mine doesn't even allow tank tops--has to be a full shoulder >.<

but you look great! rock it!!!

Yeah! That's a great outfit, keep rockin it. :-)

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