The Hyacinth Girl (fallingtowers) wrote in fatshionista,
The Hyacinth Girl

Mango's New Plus-Size Line

European fatties, have you already heard of the new plus-size line by fast-fashion retailer "Mango" and the resulting controversy? Mango is a Spanish company that produces and advertises "fashion for the modern urban woman" (that's roughly how they describe themselves), and they have just launched their new plus-size line Violeta. It starts at a whopping German size 40 (a UK size 12 and US size 8!!!), which obviously did not go down well in some countries.

I write "some countries" as I'm wondering about the Spanish market. A German size 40 translates to a size 44 in Spain, IIRC, and I don't know if the Spanish sizing conventions are based on the ridiculous standards of the fashion industry or on simple statistics (i.e. a smaller clothing size for the average woman and thus a smaller plus-size market in general). However, considering that Mango is also a huge presence in Germany and sells in the Netherlands and the UK, too, they might have considered that difference in sizing for their target audience abroad.

Also, the plus-size line is kinda bland,though they do offer a few decent basics. But then we get dresses like this sad sack - for 20 Euros more than 99% of all non-sale prices on dresses in the normal fashion section. Are you fucking kidding me, Mango?
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