amanda (jadorepop) wrote in fatshionista,

ASOS stealing designs?

I read a comment from Fatshionista's last post that sparked my interest - sarrabellum said ASOS is widely known for stealing designs from independent labels and designers. Out of curiosity, I ran a few Google searches. The first page alone from searching 'asos stealing designs' turned up four examples of copying.

Here are the links:
Lady Luck Rules OK
Helen Entwisle
Duke & Winston

I admit the last one made me skeptical at first because of how ubiquitous the union jack is, but the artist said he had submitted his line to ASOS a few months prior, and the designs have enough similarities to make a claim IMO.

So my question is: how does a company stealing the designs of independent labels and artists affect your shopping habits? Do you quit it cold turkey? Continue shopping with the company, but with cognitive dissonance? Something else?

On one hand, stealing is stealing, period - especially when it comes to small labels and designers. About a dozen of my friends earn their living off of selling original designs (though none work in clothing). On the other hand, ASOS offers a lot that other plus size retailers don't. Having much fewer clothing options than non-plus makes it harder to swallow than giving up say, Urban Outfitters (Forever 21 and Target are also infamous for stealing). I know there is a good amount of great plus size indie designers, but I still think a lot of styles and trends aren't represented, at least as far as I've seen.

What do you all think?
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