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ASOS Maternity Fit Review + SWAK Rant

So this is a follow-up to my post about ASOS Maternity possibly fitting on my non-pregnant body.

I couldn't help looking at all the dresses, so I just went right in and placed an order for this dress.


Result: It did not fit right. Now I didn't say it didn't fit; I actually got both my arms through the sleeves, over my boobs but here's a reason why it didn't look right. I don't have huge knockers, I do, however have a wide band size. The only bras I have are the plunge bras from Lane Bryant that fit comfortably are 50B, so this made me look like I had some serious uni-boob. Keep in mind that this dress was a stretchy jersey material, so I think if you fall within an ASOS UK20-22, maybe UK24 IF you're NOT busty/big belly, I think you can pull it off.

Some info on me, with regards to ASOS CURVE sizing, I'm a UK26/US22 and that's with the knowledge that ASOS runs large. I do have a big belly though, I love button ups, but they do not love me *le sigh* Since they recently added UK28/US24, I only order the non-stretchy items in that new size to accommodate for my stomach, but it's always big for my bust. I can tailor my own, so no biggie.

So now my SWAK rant. I recently purchased a dress that was 40% off of their current sale for New Years. I tried it on today and it turned out to be too big. Even though I can tailor, it's a pain in the ass between studying and working. So I thought, I can shell out $5 for shipping to exchange. I looked at the receipt for their exchange policy and I find out that they don't do exchanges. Meaning I have to pay to return, and pay for shipping to buy again, and wait within 30 days for my refund.

Then I kept reading. It says "Store credit will be accepted on sale items, including all special sales (Holiday, Sunday Sale Alert etc etc). No refunds will be given, only merchandise credit."
BULLCRAP! Seriously?

I NEVER purchased from SWAK before. I personally think that $80 bucks for some crappy. plain, raw-edge jersey fabric is ridiculous. And the other things are just blah for the price they charge. And that's what made me so ticked off, it's that their clothes are so overpriced and/or so plain that I don't see anything of interest if I chose to get the store credit.

I try to support indie plus-size clothing stores/designers as much as I can, and I have tried to think reasonably that they're a small business blah blah blah. But I can't help but compare it to other stores. For example, Domino Dollhouse. $80 bucks for a kick-ass dress that makes me look like an awesome plump strawberry? Oh hell yes! My last order with Domino Dollhouse; the jacket was too small so I wanted to exchange it. No problemo, contact them, I paid to return it and a week later a new jacket was in my mailbox, I didn't even have to pay them to mail it to me. So crap, the dress I order now has to go into my growing pile of "to tailor"

Save your hard earned money ladies and skip or cross SWAK off your list, buy from Domino Dollhouse, Chubby Cartwheels, Cult of CA, Pink Clove and ASOS Curve(not indie, but looove them). And if you have extra income, Youtheary Khmer (I purchased the purple and pink maxi skirts last spring and OMG LOOOOOOOVE!!)
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