Diosabellissima (diosabellissima) wrote in fatshionista,

The 1st plus sized show in the history of Fashion Week

1st of all: I acknowledge what a BFD it is that this was even shown at Fashion Week. Awesome. So awesome. So happy this happened. Definite step in the right direction.

2nd of all: yawn. Sorry, but I'm not going to freak out over yet another plus sized line of frumpy wrap dresses in garish prints. I don't need to head to Fashion Week to see that, just the clearance rack at Dress Barn or Lane Bryant.

3rd: I realize that not all "high fashion" cuts and such directly translate to the plus sized world, but call me when actual high fashion is shown on fat chicks. On trend, stylish pieces and not a million freaking wrap dresses in giant, ugly prints.

Here's the line's website if you're looking for what else is being offered.

What are your thoughts?

Full article at Jezebel
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