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Burning Man?
rivenwanderer wrote in fatshionista
Hi! I'm going to Burning Man for the first time this year (after going to my local regional many times). I'm super excited and doing lots of research. One thing I've noticed is that images and films of the event seem to feature thin conventionally-alt-pretty girls to the exclusion of other women. Which I'm sure made aesthetic sense to the photographers, but leaves me having trouble envisioning fat women on the playa and imagining myself being there. (ETA: The one fatshion blog I've found with some Burning Man content is http://affatshionista.com/, and it's great!)

So I'm wondering if the fatshionista community can counteract that! I would love to see pictures/read stories of you or your friends being fat while at Burning Man!

My partner and I had a civil ceremony/flash mob wedding yesterday! We still want a more traditional wedding and a religious ceremony in the future, but we wanted to start filing jointly and stuff right away after that part of DOMA went away :) (I'm the one with the purple hair.)

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YOU'RE BOTH BEAUTIFUL! Mazel tov! I LOVE all the purple!

(I have nothing useful to say about Burning Man, but I'm gonna schmoop all day about your wedding pic).

Ditto - what she said. You two are absolutely radiant and beautiful!!!!

18 year burner.... What would you like to know?

Size 22 ish.

Gorgeous. And definitely not conventional. : )

And Affinity, Afatshionista, is a good friend of mine. Glad you found her blog!

Cooky and Quest

Wearing a lovely cotton nightgown from Torrid as a dress. One of my favorite daytime burn outfits -- cool and breathable.

Awesome photo, thanks for posting it and for your advice!

I have that night gown too! Getting old and ratty though.

As with anywhere in the world, I think your attitude about yourself is going to influence the types of interactions you have with people. I (almost always) love myself a great deal and that love shines through in confidence and shapes how people interact with me. I often hear people get shocked when they realize I'm as big as I am (they somehow often think of me as smaller). Meh, whatever... I am the size I am. I've also been on the receiving end of "oh my god you are beautiful!" and sometimes "oh my god you are beautiful... I've never been attracted to a fat woman before..." You know, the whole range of reactions that we fats can receive.

That said, I have found that in general the level of positive acceptance of me as a human being is much greater at Burning Man. And, there's something about the dust that tends to make me look extra appealing.

The only things that have challenged my own self confidence at Burning Man have been --

-- wondering if I was "to heavy" or "to wide" for some of the homemade art / rides. I don't like feeling squashed or confined so I have (very rarely) skipped some things (and then remembering its ok to skip things, I don't have to do it all)

-- getting slightly sad that my giant boobs hang low when I see all the perky breasts bouncing around (and then remembering that I have amazing goddess breasts)

-- getting annoyed as all hell at chub rub! I feel like chub rub has limited some of my outfit choices since I feel most comfortable when wearing cotton bike shorts there. Finding good chub rub creams has helped.

-- getting annoyed that I haven't yet found one of those comfy / cute / practical "festival waist belt" things that fits me

What has helped my self confidence at Burning Man --

Choosing to only wear things I really love. Not wearing costumes just to costume.
Taking comfy clothes (yoga pants, stretchy leggings, fantastic pj's) so I have comfy things to put on if I'm feeling a bit beyond my comfort boundaries.
Wearing as little or as much as I want.
Actively noticing the range of beauty on the playa. From twiggy girls and boys to big gorgeous fats and everything in between.

Practical tips -
Chub rub prevention matters!
Your nipples can also seriously dry out. Nipple chafing SUCKS!
Comfy shoes. Comfy shoes. Comfy shoes!
Warm enough things for night.

I have a leather tool belt that works awesome if you cant find a festival belt.
Harbor freight has them cheap and great quality.

Wow congrats, and I love how each of your hair colors match each of your dresses. You look fab!

Congratulations! You both look fabulous (and so happy.)

beautiful purple/mauve wedding! :D

So i have been to the burn for 3 years now, and my husband 10 years. I would say while i was nervous my first year, that faded very fast.
I wear really skimpy stuff durring the day and warm stuff at night.
Never had a sneer or rude comment at all.
There are all body types there and for the most part i have never witnessed anything negative said. and I got hit on by random folks the whole time i was there.
And some of the costume camps carry plus sizes if you want to look for fun stuff there.
We got married in the temple last year.
Please stop by and say hi to us! we camp in illumination village right on the esplanade. My camp is bad advice society. We are easy to find.

PS here is my blog where i have written about making clothes for the burn and my first year experience.

Edited at 2013-07-02 11:16 pm (UTC)

(Sorry for the delayed reply, went off to my regional burn and forgot about the internet for a while :p)

Thanks for posting those photos, they're really inspirational! I'll try to stop by :) Let me know if you remember which costume camps carry plus sizes!

my official address on playa 4 o'clock and esplanade. Please come for a visit! lost of great people and things going on in the village I belong to.
and costume kult (4:30 and A i believe this year) has the plus size section.
as do a few of the other larger costume camps.

aw that is the most adorbs picture i've seen in a hot minute. i love the purple and the smiles and the flowers and the smiles (did i mention the smiles?)! i don't know anything about burning man but congrats!!

amg all the purple. I know other commenters have already mentioned it but I loooove the colors! I covet your hair, purple is my favorite color and I've always wanted purple hair. Alas I am much too lazy to keep up with it.

omg your hair is perfect and you both look so so so happy! congratulations!!!

Love the purple! Mazel Tov! You guys look so happy!!!

I have no advice for Burning Man, but y'all are too cute! Congratulations!

It's been 10 years since I've been, but my recollection is that it's an overall body positive vibe.

The best way to be fat at Burning Man is to wear wonderful outlandish costumes. Be creative! Show off you! People are usually more appreciative of the spectacle and the hought that go into creative costuming than looking at conventionally pretty nekkid ladies (which is its own aesthetic and is also rampant at Burning Man). For what it's worth, I have found personally that it's more awkward to be sober at Burning Man than fat.

I recommend bringing chub rub supplies and looking up the Critical Tits Ride (great time and a great opportunity to be reminded that women come in all shapes, colors, sizes, etc).

Also head's up, EVERYONE develops heartburn out there, bring Tums.

Edited at 2013-07-03 06:36 am (UTC)

Can I ask what your natural hair color is? The reason I ask is because my mom really wants to do a purple streak in her hair but the color won't lift to bleach it first and I was wondering if it is because her hair is just THAT dark or if it's because she's processed it a lot. Your color is exactly what she wants.

(Sorry for the delayed reply!)

My natural hair color is a medium-light brown. I don't bleach at all, I'm lucky! The dye I use is Deep Purple by Special Effects and I definitely recommend it. My partner dyed my hair a few days before our wedding. It's still a fairly good purple right now, trending a bit towards pink. (I like how this color fades gracefully to a pink color, unlike some shades that go blue/gray.)

(Deleted comment)
Awesome cant wait for you to drop by! Our village is hard to miss, especially at night. Look for all the fire poofie things, and a general carnival atmosphere. The 7 headed fire breathing dragon art car (rv sized) is a dead give away you are in the right place.

(Deleted comment)
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