thebostonreader (thebostonreader) wrote in fatshionista,

Summer Belly Dancing Class in Somerville, MA is ON! Sign up now!

I've been getting together folks for this class for a few weeks now, and would love to have more sign up. Physical movement with/in front of other people can be scary for fatties, and it can be intimidating for us to join a dance class where the other students may not be fat and the instructors may not welcome us.

But this class welcomes us! The instructor strongly believes that people with any type of body can do this dance. I've been wanting to take a series of belly dance classes for years, but been too afraid to sign up for it. Not any more! The class is going to be Monday nights for nine weeks, starting June 24th.

If you would like to sign up, go to this page:

Yay, I am so excited!
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