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I'm getting married!!!!
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princesskimber wrote in fatshionista
Hey all (so sorry about my original greeting,  I had *no* idea), 

So I'm eloping at some point this year and am looking for a decent but inexpensive dress option. I was really excited because I thought I'd found "the" dress on Eshakti and then started reading reviews and OMG, yeah, so not going there. 

So, I wanted to get some helpful hints/tips from the group. Would like to do all I can to spend less than $100 but closer to $50. I am a 30/32-ish size so it must be a site/store that has the larger plus-sizes. 

Thanks in advance. 

P.S. I'm getting married!!!!!!!! (still can't believe it)

  • 1 comes to mind. And congratulations :)

Kind of depends on what you're looking for — more vintagey? More formal? Short or long? Maybe if you linked to "the" dress so we have some idea what your parameters are?

That said, Holyclothing tends to be my go-to for fancy, eventy dresses that look a lot more expensive than they are. But they are to a specific taste. Depends on how you feel about elaborate embroidery.

depends what you're looking for but in that price range you could look at bridesmaid dresses.
depending on how long you have you could try E-Shakti. Are you based in the US? friends of mine LOVE E-Shakti and have had great experiences, me? I'm in Canada and the two times I've ordered from them have been AWFUL i.e. 6+ weeks to get something, no customer service etc- however I think their CS has improved recently.

This site has some dresses that might be in your price range and that can be custom tailored to your measurements:

When I got married, I was the same size as you and had my (red!) wedding dress custom made by a lady in DeSoto. Her business is called Just For You Creations, and she was outstanding. Her specialty was working with plus-sized brides. Here is her information:

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Thank you!!! And you're local. Bonus!

I'm no help at all I'm afraid, but CONGRATULATIONS! :) I'm getting married in May too! Woot woot fat brides FTW.

Ooh, we should friend each other. I wanna hear EVERYTHING about your wedding! :)

YAY FRIENDS! Although I am a total LJ n00b so you might have to help me out, hahaha.

This is my 100th account (not really but it feels like it) so I definitely know the site. lol

I just went to the mall for my wedding was from a fancier store but still cheap ($120 on sale) and obviously not a 'real' wedding dress.

Just wanted to add a warning about the W-word tax. Here in the UK (not sure where you're based) any goods or services are priced extortionately if the vendor knows it's for a wedding.

Hence, I didn't go shopping for a "wedding dress". I went looking for a "ball gown", found one in an up market dept store that I loved, and paid £100.


When I got married in September 2007 I wore a dress my Mom sewed me (see userpic).

Total cost was about $100 for materials/fabric. The love put into it? Unquantifiable <3

Awww Congrats Holyclothing is really good I have a few of their things. I bought my dress second hand mostly because my wedding was halloween anbd i altered the dress with blood fake spiders etc..


You could try looking into the whole dress recycling thing... I kept my eye on them when I was looking for my dress.

FTR: I ended up going with a dress from Light In The Box that I altered the stuffing out of. It turned out fabulous, imho... even my mom (who taught me how to sew) was impressed.
(You may have to be my friend on FB to access that last link... I'm pretty fluid about that kind of thing so feel free to add me if you like. :) )

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Yeah, I got a white dress for my wedding from eShakti but didn't like it when it arrived and ended up not wearing it. So good call on that.

One option I almost went with was this Etsy seller, who custom-makes white summery dresses with old fabrics and vintage lace:
Her dresses are more like $265, so maybe that isn't helpful, but just figured I'd throw it out there for you or other brides!

If you want ivory lace and are OK with sleeveless (which I think you should totally embrace!), here's one from Avenue, available in your size and on sale for $31!!!


What didn't you like about Eshakti? Was it the password issue, or something else?

I'm curious, because I've never ordered from Eshakti, but I am still planning to give them a chance at some point. I'd just manage my account carefully.

Yeah mostly the password thing. The dress I found I LOVE with all of my heart, I'm just nervous about using the site. :(

congratulations!! xxxx much love xx

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