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Looking for long shirts/tunics + leggings
fantasma_arto wrote in fatshionista
I'm looking for a site that has cute long shirt/tunics to wear over leggings. I'm also looking for well fitting leggings as well, as the last pair I had faded fast and got rather stretched out. I'm a US 22.


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This now-defunct blog had a nice set of tunics:

i'm a fan of Avenue's leggings. I get the 18/20 Tall and the waist is high, which I like, and the material feels durable. I haven't had mine for a super long time (maybe a couple of months), but I love them. After years of stretching into American Apparrel's overpriced ones, or going through Forever21's cheap ones like no body's business, I'm in love with these. I just bought a second pair. They're about $20. Oh, and the ankles couple be tighter, but in comparison to a lot of plus size leggings and skinny jeans, its tight enough for me. I think it looks fine.

Good luck!

I have an Avenue nearby me, I'll check it out. Thanks!

SimplyBe and Evans are both chockablock with tunics.

I just found SimplyBe not long after I posted this & they have awesome clothes but way too much for me, sadly. lol Thanks!

Keep an eye out, though, because Simply Be frequently has 40% off coupons and great sale prices.

(Deleted comment)
I'll check those out, thanks :]

I have some dresses and skirts that are, eh, shorter than I'm always comfortable wearing out without something underneath. That's how I usually do leggings, with a miniskirt.

I don't like the price, but I do like Torrid's leggings. And they have lasted.

Ah short dresses are good idea. Thanks! :]

Try for tunics. TONS of styles. Or or (both of these sites have all of their items on onestopplus as well) just watch their size charts carefully. You'll probably be about a 2x. They run generous. Always coupon codes floating around the Web for them as well.
Torrid leggings are good but seem to run a little big, I just bought some really cute floral print leggings in a size 4, expecting them to be very tight (I'm a 28/30) - they were actually loose and I will have to pin them at the bottoms of the legs (they were clearance so can't return) My favorite leggings ever came from the now-defunct Fashion Bug (sob) but maybe some can still be found on eBay? Good luck! I bought this about a month ago and it's literally my favorite thing that I own! It falls a bit above my knees. I wear it with jeans and it looks fine but I think it'd work even better with leggings.

That's really nice :] thanks

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