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Eliza Parker Sizing
abie wrote in fatshionista
I'm really interested in a final sale piece from Eliza Parker. In your experience is the size chart accurate?

I am 46 bust, 50 hip. I typically fall into the 18/20 range in many places but according to their size chart I would need 14/16. It recommends for this dress to go by bust measurements because it's a wrap dress. My bust and hips both fall in their 14/16.

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I did find their size chart accurate. They're also very responsive to email, so if you explain your concern they may be able to help, but if they've already got a note about trusting the bust size measurement it's probably correct.

I found their jersey knit to be very heavy and stretchy, high quality, but on me the neckline stretched out too far because of the weight of the dress (and because I have no bustline to speak of). Probably not an issue in a wrap dress, though.

Definitely go with the 14/16. I didn't go by the size chart and regretted ordering my "usual" 18/20. I was swimming in it.

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