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Favorite skinnies?
get balsamic vinegar quick you fool!
razethecity wrote in fatshionista
Help! I've been a loyal wearer of Gap Long & Lean jeans for several years but the quality has declined pretty steadily and I'd like to find a new standby. Ideally skinnies. I've tried Torrid and Levis today, but didn't love either pair. Torrid's felt kind of cheap and the Levis were kind of short on me (I'm about 5'11 and a size 20-24, fwiw). Has anyone tried the Lucky Plus line? I'm not against dropping $100 on a pair of jeans if they're incredible and don't stretch out within an hour of putting them on. Please help! What brands do you love/swear by?

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I've heard Old Navy's Rockstar jeans are good. I personally didn't care for them (the legs were too loose on me), but I've heard good things. However, they won't be nearly as high-quality as Lucky.

I haven't had good luck with old navy in the past, but I'm game to give them a try again.

Old Navy always fits me perfectly for about 40 minutes and then it's stretch city. :(

Yeah, that's my issue with the rockstars-- I got a pair in one of the ridic colors and while they are cute, it's bag city all over.

That is really sad. The colours look great and I'd love to get pairs of mint, red and purple!

I got the electric blue ones. I guess I was a bit hyperbolic in my first comment-- the jeans are fine, but I usually wear my pants a few times between washes and with the rockstars, they bend out of shape a little faster, meaning I get less wear out of 'em. That's all. I still wear them!

I usually go a few wears between washes too, but the price is right so I think I'll try a pair just to see!

I've had really good experience with the plus size versions of James-Jeans. I get mine from Nordstrom- the quality and fit are both really really good.

I've never heard of that brand, I'll check them out!

the sticker shock can sometimes be unsettling......but they will fit you length wise without question. I think their inseam is around 33/34 at least (I'm 5'1 and usually have to get several inches hacked off at the tailor).

I've had pretty good luck with the skinny jeans styles at Avenue.

Thumbs up! I have an Avenue really close to my office!

I'm a fan of the old navy sweetheart skinnies. :)

Same here. The Rockstars are awful, but the Sweetheart fit works well for me and the legs are nice and fitted which is something that I have trouble with being an apply-potato shape

I know they're the cheapest of the cheap and they've got quite a reputation for being a purveyor of trashy disposable clubwear, but I really love my Reign skinnies from Deb. They cost me $9 off a clearance rack and they've lasted me three years so far. They are amazing and they do not stretch out. I've gotten three full days of wear out of them, easy, with no bagging anywhere.

Ooh, that's interesting. I'll check that out.

I feel like I am constantly in search of the perfect jeans! Lately, I like the Old Navy Rockstars. The caveat is that you probably need to go down a size or two. I can't get more than one day of wear before they need to be laundered to go back to their original shape, but they're cheap and come in a number of washes. I also sometimes like NYDJ. However, they tend to pill and bag too. For the price, that hardly seems worth it. I have a pair of Lucky's. They are the "Ginger" style, which is straight leg, but on me, is pretty close to a skinny leg, but made out of a heavier denim material. I like the way that they look and feel, and they tend to bag out less than my other jeans. Only have one pair, though, and I'm not sure they are worth 4-5 times the price of ON jeans.

You might've sold me on the Lucky's just by saying they're a heavier denim. The Gap jeans used to be that way and now, every pair I get feels thinner than the last, which is disappointing at $59 or $69 a pop, but now my style is apparently being discontinued (woe), so I feel you on trying to find perfect jeans.

i have REALLY long legs so pants are ALWAYS too short on me after a wash, but i like the ASOS skinnies alright. they did stretch, but they were too snug to begin with, and miraculously they're still my longest pair of jeans.

Yay, I just bought a pair. So glad to hear they fit well.

I am really, REALLY fond of Silver Jeans. I get them at Dillard's online -- there are sometimes sales, but they run $80-$90 normally. I don't think there are plus sizes in the stores, at least not mine.

Never thought of skinny jeans until I tried these. The cut is really good for me, with a shorter fly and no gapping in the back, and they hold up well. The only bad pair I've had were strategically ripped, and they kind of...ripped more.

Torrid carries Silver jeans...currently nothing above a size 24 that I saw, but they have carried up to size 28 (in certain styles online) before so they may just be low on stock. Sorry, I don't know how to shorten the link :(

I am typically a 26 - 30 on bottom, sometimes a 24 if they're REALLY stretchy. I have one pair and don't remember the style name (I purchased them on clearance about 5 months ago) and they did seem to run a little small. I got a size 28 and had to really suck in to zip 'em - lol.

OP-if you go with the Avenue Butter Denim skinnies or the Virtual Stretch skinnies, definitely size down. I have two pairs of the Virtual Stretch and while they're super comfy, they bag like crazy in the ass/thighs after about an hour.

Oh, I didn't know anyone else carried them! I find the sizes are kind of consistent with other brands I've worn, but I normally don't wear skinny jeans (gimme all the drawstring pants and cargos!) so it's hard to say. I do own them in a couple of sizes since I fluctuate a bit, and when I need a belt in the 20s I wear the 18s, LOL. It's after Christmas so a size up I go. :D

I hate when jeans bag in the seat (or the knees!) Silvers seem to be pretty stretchy though, and also kind of thick and sturdy? Which I also like. I did get a light denim pair that I find too flimsy-feeling for what is supposed to be a slim jean. I don't like jeans that are made of thin material unless they're supposed to be baggy or trouser jeans or have wide legs. Otherwise I kind of feel like I'm wearing leggings or jeggings.

Worst were Eddie Bauer. I love the fit, hate the fact that belt loops ripped off and pockets got holes. I wasn't even climbing mountains in them, but I do pull 'em up by the loops!

totally agree with: Silvers being thick/sturdy and stretchy, going up a size after Christmas AND hating baggy saggy jeans! :)
Thinner, stretchier denim is usually when I am able to size down and that was definitely not the case with the Silvers, but I still love them.

I have a pair of Seven7s from LB, size 24, that are thinner, super stretchy denim and are, like you mentioned, almost like flared jeggings. They're really cute, comfy, fit great (and any time jeans 2 or more sizes smaller than my usual size end up fitting me AND are 60% off on clearance to boot, well, I'm almost guaranteed I'm going to buy them - lol)

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