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OOTD - Thrift Score
Say what???
tura wrote in fatshionista
I've been having some great thrift karma lately. Most recently, this lovely silver dress - I've always wanted one of these, but have never found one in my size before.

silver 1

silver 2

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Oh wow! What a great find!! Looks great on you too! :)

Wow! Nice score and you look lovely.

Ooh, that dress is gorgeous!

I am so jealous of that dress! It looks amazing on you!

Gorgeous! It fits really well and I love the color.

I love that dress so much! You look fabulous!

MAJOR dress envy! You look sensational!

Great dress, and it fits you beautifully! Mind if I ask how much you paid for it? I'm figuring $19.99, am I close?

Ooh, pretty...
It sort of has a Holy Clothing-ish vibe to it. I wonder if that's where it originally came from?

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