Laura (masslibrulgirl) wrote in fatshionista,

Simply Be shoes, part 2

Thanks to the advice I got in my previous post, I ended up buying two pairs of shoes from Simply Be. These ones didn't fit at all (sad), but these...I am not sure about. 

They fit the size and shape of my foot, but the toe-covering part digs into my toes, and I ca tell they'd give me blisters if I actually wore them out and about. Is there a way to prevent that? Does putting a pre-emptive bandaid across your foot help? I haven't worn anything fancier than Mary Janes in so long, I don't even know how people deal with shoe issues.

Help! I really love them, and I really want to have pretty shoes, but I don't want to put myself in pain...should I return them, or is there a way to make them comfortable?
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