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Simply Be shoes, part 2
masslibrulgirl wrote in fatshionista
Thanks to the advice I got in my previous post, I ended up buying two pairs of shoes from Simply Be. These ones didn't fit at all (sad), but these...I am not sure about. 

They fit the size and shape of my foot, but the toe-covering part digs into my toes, and I ca tell they'd give me blisters if I actually wore them out and about. Is there a way to prevent that? Does putting a pre-emptive bandaid across your foot help? I haven't worn anything fancier than Mary Janes in so long, I don't even know how people deal with shoe issues.

Help! I really love them, and I really want to have pretty shoes, but I don't want to put myself in pain...should I return them, or is there a way to make them comfortable?

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Try rubbing the inside of the toe section with isopropyl alcohol - 70% should do, higher concentrations will dry the material out. Test it with a cotton swab first to make sure it won't discolor or bleed. If it does but isn't too damaging, put on a sock before proceeding.

Rub the alcohol all over the inner surface. Make sure it's well wetted, then put the shoes on. Keep them on as the alcohol dries, the shoe should stretch out enough to be comfortable.

this has worked better on some shoes more than others, depending on the materials. Sometimes more than one application is needed.

I hope this works for you.

but if you try this and it doesn't work, then you've ruined any chance of returning the shoe.

Yeah, that's what I'm worried about too. :-/

This worked on a pair of loafers for me that were too tight across the vamp to even get on my feet, but the right length & good width in the heel. I eased my feet into them over an evening with a lot of alcohol spray & walking around, & now they're my most beautifully fitted & comfortable shoes ever, even a bit loose. At the time I was like "why am I torturing myself like this for fashion", but the shoes now seem totally worth those few days of agonising breaking-in ;)

If you know they are gonna cause problems, and if you're like me, then you won't wear them. Or you'll wear them twice and abandon them to the back of the closet, where you'll find them a year later when you finally get it together and decide to clean up a bit. Err... yeah, if they give you problems send them back and keep trying.

Yeah...that sounds like what I would do. :-/ I probably should just send them back. It's just so hard to find shoes in my size, and these are the only pretty ones I've seen in a long time! But that doesn't mean much if I don't actually wear them.

I'd return them. No matter how pretty they are, uncomfortable shoes (or any item of clothing) won't make you *feel* pretty because you'll be too busy feeling uncomfortable. I'm willing to bet there are other pretty shoes out there that will also feel good on your feet.

Thanks...that's probably what I should do. It's really really hard to find extra-wide shoes at all, let alone pretty ones, let alone ones that fit me...blargh. But I will keep looking.

i think anytime a person says "i love these shoes/this item of clothing, BUT" then it's time to send it back. i have an entire wardrobe of clothes that i said "but" to, wore once, and now it just sits in my closet, waiting to go to a good home.

fat people always get a raw deal with clothes and shoes. we are so used to having to "make it work" with stuff that doesn't fit because there are so few options out there for us to choose from. and i think it's that complacency and willingness to make it work that contributes partly to the bullshit we get in terms of options and quality for the stuff we buy.

i'm sorry to go off on a tangent/rant here, but i get really frustrated when i see fat people saying "i like this even though it clearly doesn't fit" or "this item is made poorly and causes me physical pain to wear, but i'm going to keep it anyway and suffer through it".

When the *thing*, whatever it is, causes discomfort as soon as you put it on, that is a HUGE red flag. Especially when it's cheap shoes, since cheap shoes don't tend to use materials that you can "break in" (like real leather, for ex.).

I think we, as fat people, deserve better than "making do" with shitty products that are supposedly made for us.

I love this comment, so so much. Its so true.

Yeah...it's really true. I've gotten pretty good at returning any clothing that isn't just right (and selling/donating older clothing that I never wear), but it's hard with shoes...I've been wearing boring comfortable shoes for years because it's so impossible to find nice shoes in my size, and it gets pretty depressing after a while. So even just finding pretty shoes that come in extra-wide is exciting...but you're right that it's not worth causing my feet pain. Especially since my feet are really, really finicky--they'll find ways to hurt even in the most comfortable, high-quality shoes. Bahhh. :(

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