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good news for Canadians
slantedtruth wrote in fatshionista
At long last, GAP seems to be offering its extended sizing on the Canadian sizes. It's a small gain, and it's not as extensive as US Gap, but it's a start!

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Is it in-store? Any idea if it's widespread or are they just starting to roll it out in some stores? I've never set foot in a GAP but more choice is always great.

Slightly unrelated, does anyone know if H&M in Canada offers plus sizes?

Re: H&M

No, they do not. When they first opened in Canada they had a plus size line, but phased it out shortly thereafter :( I remember searching for it everywhere to find out it had all been sent to the Eaton Centre in Toronto for liquidation.

as mentioned it is just online. you can however still buy the size 18/20 on gap.com and use their international shipping option. it's via a company called fifty one (Pottery Barn uses them as well) though it can get expensive :/

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