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I got married.(image heavy)
hug__athon wrote in fatshionista
I don't ever post, but I got married and wanted to share my pictures! I am the only fat in the wedding, unless you count my tattoo ;)

My shoes! I spent way too much, and they hurt my feet but they matched my second dress sooo weelll.
Unveiling to my bridesmaids!
Putting my earrings on
Our seating. We used mountain goats songs. The mountain goats have a bunch of songs that all start with "going to," so we played off of that.
Memorial table for my mother! There was also a bouquet that is missing from this photo.
The cake! The best part is, it's buttercream not fondant!
I put this up cause it took me forever to make 14 of these.
My maid of honor. She is bangin'
Right before I started sobbing.
We're married!
This is my favorite picture of the night.
He looks sooo handsome.
Me and the girls! They all looked beautiful. starting from the left: lauren, sarah, liz(my sister in law), me, Rachel, and Christen
The full bridal party. There is something to be said for having a bridal party composed completly of people in their early 20s.
Second dress! I got this one from dollycouture. 
What dance moves!
Last dance. Last kiss.

We had a fantastic time, and it is bittersweet that it is over! 

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Congrats! Your wedding and everything looks gorgeous!

Congratulations! you look wonderful - so happy, and those shoes are gorgeous too!

lovely!! congratulations!! :)

ZOMG. You look so beautiful! I love the dress.

Oh gosh, your memorial table for your Mom made me tear up a little bit, and I don't even know you.

You and your husband look so happy, I wish all the best for you.

Aw thanks! My mother in law was escorted down the aisle first, then my brother walked the aisle and lit the candle for my mother. I was told there wasn't a dry eye in the venue, and I'm sure I'll start sobbing when I see the video of it.

The way he looks at you.... So wonderful!

haha, everyone always says that! we have been together for 8 years, highschool sweethearts. He is really my best friend and even though we tease each other, we love each other to bits.

Congratulations! You look gorgeous :)

Wow, I don't know where to start! You look absolutely lovely, and I ADORE those shoes - they're just perfect! Plus your wedding just looks awesome - good taste all around! Thanks for sharing!

Ooh, do you have more pictures of you in the Dolly Couture dress? I just got engaged and I've been eyeing that one for years! And you look absolutely stunning! Congratulations!

you should check out Dolly's facebook pages: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dolly-Couture/121902929539?fref=ts and
they have albums and albums of people in off the rack and customized dresses. I went in April to visit their Los Angeles show room, and had the best experience ever- I seriously wish I could wear my dress every single day! waiting until August 2013 is killing me

I don't have many more, and no posed ones unfortunately. My experience with them was great though! I was a little worried ordering a dress I had NEVER seen/tried on, but it fit perfect right away! no extra alterations needed. I will say though, that dress was reallllyyy poofy, and I actually took out two layers of tulle and still felt it was a bit too poofy. The dress is amazing quality though, and even though mine was totally custom(they only do like off the rack sizes up to 22), it was here like a couple months before the wedding, so plenty of time to fix anything that was wrong. I don't have the pictures with me right now, but I will try and post a couple more of that dress for ya later!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! for posting these awesome and lovely pics from your wedding. I'm engaged myself and it's hard to find any pictures of fat girls getting married. You looked so amazing and so beautiful I couldn't help but smile at your pictures, they really brightened my day. Thanks for cheering me up! Your mister is one lucky man that's for sure.

Aw thanks girl! Yeah, I had similar problems. It really is bullshit! What is funny, is while I was going through this whole process I got contacted by bridezillas AND four weddings on TLC. Wish I had time to do either one, but I was really happy that they were pursuing some fat girls to be on the shows!

Those shoes are perfect. Seriously... I cannot even...

Yay for another Dolly Couture bride! you look gorgeous!

Mountain goats love! Beautiful wedding.

You look so pretty, and happy. Congratulations!

So beautiful! Congratulations on the wedding and best wishes and blessings for a long and happy marriage. :)


Lovely photos - you & your groom are perfect :) Loved all the details and even how you set the chairs for the vows!

Best wishes to you both :)

Thanks for sharing with all of us. You are a GORGEOUS bride, and best wishes for a long and happy life together!

Everything was soo pretty, and you can just see the love:))

you look absolutely radiant! (those shoes were worth it, they're gorgeous!)

congrats and many happy years to you!

So beautiful. Congratulations!

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