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OOTD - A most strange and marvellous dress
glasses, geek girl
anwyn18 wrote in fatshionista
Hey everyone! I wanted to share some pictures I got of a dress I've owned for ages, but always forget to document. I picked it up at a second hand shop simply because I'd never seen anything like it, and it's rapidly becoming one of my favourites.


You can see how I did my sparkly skittle nails over here on my blog (in between the usual long winded ramblings), but I will never reveal where the monkey backpack came from, because it's MINE!! ALL MINE! MUAHAHAHAH!

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I know where your backpack came from. My son has the same one!

My boyfriend tracked mine down for me after I pondered out loud the ethics of stealing one from a kid I always see at our local train station. I think he was afraid I might make good on my plan to steal if he didn't :)

Just wanted to say, from the community rules:

"3a. Having said the above, it is also worth nothing that not everyone here is a lady, and thus beginning your post with "hey ladies!" or some variation thereof can make some members feel left out. We're a diverse community and not everyone here -- even the people you personally might identify as a lady -- identifies with that term, and it can therefore be alienating. "Hey y'all!" "Hey fatshionistas!" "Greetings!" and "Hi Everyone" are all great inclusive alternative greetings."

Whoops, right you are! I'll edit now.

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