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Found on Wall
shelleybear wrote in fatshionista
at science fiction convention.
An ad for a

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Yay, Nicole! I actually have the first fattie she drew for this coloring book - framed and hanging in my bathroom:

She passed around some sample drawings at this year's Wiscon and I am so stoked for the finished product.

wow! those two drawings are ACE!!!

Nicole is a fantastic artist.

Thanks for sharing! I'll definitely have to pick up the ebook when it is released!!

(Deleted comment)
Unicorn dog? DO WANT!

Love the drawings -- what a great idea :)

Ahh what a great find!
And I want a unicorn dog :D

Someone tell Nicole she needs to give Gusty his own book.

So awesome! Always great to find more fat-pos artists. Particularly digging the space hero thing.

OMG awesome!! I need to have this!

Hey, was that at CONvergence? I saw a different picture add for the same coloring book last weekend!

I saw several but grabbed this one because staff was cleaning the walls off.

Wow, how cool! I know her!
Nicole is awesome (and talented as hell) but I didn't know she was doing this project. I am readying my crayolas right now!

Awesome. Does anyone know if there are any women of color featured in this book?

So this is super late - I had to create an LJ account and whatnot before I could comment - but thank you shelleybear for posting this here! And thank you everyone for the encouraging comments! I hope the finished product lives up to them. :)

Second off, T-Shirts???
Third, Let us know what venues you will be at (showing at).

Hahaha, okay!

Hm, t-shirts...I hadn't thought of that.

I'm publishing the coloring book through CreateSpace, so it will be available on Amazon, and I'll try to get it up at other online vendors as well. I'm also planning on having a cheap-as-dirt .pdf version available for download for anyone who'd rather print their own pages.

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