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Fats Flying Delta Airlines?
kaeorin wrote in fatshionista
I saw the recent post about Southwest Airlines, but I didn't see anything about Delta, so please forgive me for asking such a repetitive question, but I figure, if anyone on the internet's going to know and be able to answer me quickly, it'll be you lot!

I'm flying out to visit a friend in July, through Delta Airlines, and I was wondering if any of you have had problems fitting into the seats or getting harassed by employees or anything. I haven't weighed myself lately, but I'd say I'm probably a solid 270 lbs, and probably about a size US 24 in pants.

Is there any way for me to check this myself, before getting to the airline and potentially getting blindsided with ridicule or side-eyed stares?

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I flew Delta last year from St. Louis to Minneapolis, then from Minneapolis to Amsterdam, then that same route reversed for the return flight. I'm a size 26/28 and had no trouble fitting into the seat or buckling the belt. Obviously your mileage may vary because people around the same size can still be built differently. It was the one thing I was truly terrified about on my flight, and it ended up being a non-issue. Everyone associated with Delta was very kind and there was absolutely no ridicule or side-eyeing because of my size. It was never even acknowledged.

This is really comforting to hear, thanks! Just after I wrote this post, I set about measuring chairs around my house and comparing them to the charts on SeatGuru, and so far it seems that I'll most likely be fine. But I'm definitely glad to hear about your experience too. <3

I flew Delta at a size 20 (carry most of my weight in my hips) this past winter and nobody batted an eye. I'd guess I had about two inches to spare on my seat belt for all of the flights except the tiny little commuter that we ended up on after being rerouted because of a snowstorm. The seats were definitely narrower and my seat belt was fully extended on that one.

Oh, FWIW, we went Minneapolis > Atlanta > Aruba | Aruba > Atlanta > Washington D.C. > Minneapolis. The D.C > Minneapolis leg was the smaller plane.

I flew Delta last summer at about 250 lbs/size 20 and was perfectly comfortable, as was my husband who is a little bit bigger than me.

Hate to be the dissenting opinion buuut

I fly between Atlanta and Portland about 4 times a year and it SUCKS. The middle seat is the worst, of course, because you have people on both sides of you and they somehow both think that the armrests are theirs and you don't get any GAHH. I am a pretty consistent size 20 and I am biggest in my waist and bust. It is seeeriously uncomfortable for me, not so much in the seat but in my upper body. Keeping my arms in front of me for 5 hours with my boobs in the way is suuuper tough and kills my back. Sometimes I'm tempted to take off my bra so I can rearrange my boobs better.

Anyway, I really am sorry to sound negative so maybe it's just my body or something, but for me it's pretty unpleasant to fly. I have never had any trouble with employees, so there is that!

Re: Hate to be the dissenting opinion buuut

Oh no! That sounds awful, and I'm sorry you have to go through it. :(

I've requested either window or aisle seat, so hopefully I won't get stuck in the middle, though obviously EVERYONE probably requests one of those two seats, so I probably /will/ get stuck with one. Luckily for me, my breasts are fairly small for my size (I'm a B-cup, which is a tragedy and really frustrating when it's time to shop for bras because apparently when your band size is 40/42, there's no way you could possibly have B-cup breasts, right?! Bah.

We'll see. Thanks for sharing, though. :D

Re: Hate to be the dissenting opinion buuut

Ha! I wear a 38K so I'm sure it's mostly a personal problem. Plus my boyfriend is a flight attendant, so I always fly standby, so I ALWAYS get the middle. Really the seatbelt isn't a problem at all, and no one has seemed to take issue with sitting by me. That said, I'm sure I try to make myself take up as little space as possible sub/consciously (a little of both!), and I have never once spoken up, like "Hey guy, you already have that armrest? On the other side?". To me it seems pretty obvious Delta has added more seats to the planes and thus made the space you do get smaller, and all the non-fat people I've sat next to have mentioned the same thing. It's not the worst thing ever, it's just...not fun!

I hope you have a great trip! If you remember, let us know how it went!

I fly Delta exclusively because of where I live, and my points status with them (I live in Canada with a super tiny airport the closest hub is MPLS)
in the last 2 years or so they've eliminated the first class seats on the smaller plane that goes from Winnipeg MB-into Minneapolis MN. From Minneapolis the seats are bigger, and the economy+/First Class/Business class are available.I am a size 16/18, and most recently flew Delta in December to Orlando- I don't like the middle seat- I tend to select (and if I have to pay for it I do) the Window seat.

on my trips to the UK where the Minneapolis-Amsterdam or Minneapolis-London leg were over 5 hours,I went to the bathroom and either put on a sports bra, or took off said bra. I've never had a problem with their attendants or have been asked to purchase a seat or wear an extender- because of my frequent miles I'm able to board first if I want. I think I've only ever been uncomfortable on a plane with screaming kids, I'd rather be squished in than hear kids scream or kick my chair etc.

My husband and I (with our son) recently flew Delta from Seattle to Fort Lauderdale. I'm between a 26/28 and a 30/32 with most of my weight in my belly - my hubby is a 46" waist but a much larger belly and broad shoulders. We both used extenders, but other than that had no issues. I've flown Delta multiple times and have never gotten any trouble. Also, we noticed on this last trip that the belts and seats on the older plans are actually more comfortable and roomy than on the newer ones - so it can be hit or miss as to how good the fit is.

I flew Delta last week between DC and Detroit and Madison. I'm about 250, size 24 in pants, and I had no trouble fitting in the seat.

On my puddle-jumper from Detroit to Madison, I had a moment where I wasn't quite sure I would fit in the seat, because I was sitting funny and trying to adjust myself and get it right. My seatmate seemed a little eye-roll-y, but the flight attendants didn't make a peep.

On my way back, they had canceled my flight and then put me in first class as an apology. For some reason I can't fathom, the first class seats had shorter seatbelts, and I had to ask for an extender, which was delivered quickly, politely, and without any fanfare or remarks.

It was definitely more comfortable than my AirTran flight to and from Puerto Rico a few weeks ago.

Good luck with your trip!

I recently flew Delta A LOT in a short period of time; hope this helps!


Oh, brilliant. If only I'd checked back a few more pages. Ooops. <3

I'm flying Delta on Tuesday to Seattle. This post was really reassuring and is making me feel a lot better about traveling. Thank you!

Btw, I'm flying Delta, but am taking a Canadian Air flight. Anyone know about how those seats fit?

I am sure you have enough to go on by now, but I will just chime in to say that I flew Delta MSP-->LAX-->MSP in May and had no troubles. My hips are about 48", with a big belly.

I just came back from flying MSP to JAX and had no problem with either the seat or the belt. I'm about a 20/22 and broad everywhere.

i've never had trouble with delta until last year. it was a new plane (can't remember the model) and the seat belt did not fit. i had to ask for an extender which was the first time i've ever had to do that (on any airline)! i fit in the seat fine. i'm 20 on top, 22 on bottom.

I flew Delta three times last year – two international flights and one domestic. I was maybe 275-285 then, and a 26/28 in Lane Bryant sizes.

I always ask the first flight attendant I see for an extender as soon as I get on the plane. They generally deliver it very discreetly. I don't really care if they're particularly discreet, though it's nice for those who might. I needed it on all of the above flights except one.

I believe I've heard that the test for buying a second seat is if the armrest will go down? To be honest, I can put the armrest down, but it usually works its way above my hip pretty soon thereafter. I feel like if I had to use the airlines with strict policies about buying two seats, I might have had a run in about my size by now. But with Delta, I've not had any problems (knock wood).

it really depends what aircraft you will be on to make sure you will fit properly. my husband works for an airline and we had flight benefits with delta. i always had trouble on the regionals and every now and then on some of the older planes. BUT delta crew are AWESOME at being discreet about the seatbelt extenders and would never shame you for anything (at least that has been my experience and i'm not even a paying customer! :P)

I just flew to Tucson last week from PA, and, I'm 350 lbs. I flew on a larger (6 seats across) plane, and two smaller ones (4 seats across, 20 rows, and 3 seats across, 15 rows) and fit into all three, seatbelt buckled. I like the window because I 1. like to sleep on planes so there's no chance of being asked to move for bathroom needs, and 2, I can sort of lean against the wall and rest my head there, and I also felt as though I had a another inch (even if maybe I really didn't) for my upper body to move around. I carry all of my weight in my hips/thighs/belly.

I will say that I was TERRIFIED that I 1. wasn't going to fit and 2. didn't have money for another ticket, and everyone was super nice. I did get a sideways look from a flight attendant on the smallest plane, but I showed her when I put my fat ass in that seat, buckled!

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