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t-shirt alterations?
toffeegyrl wrote in fatshionista
I have developed an unhealthy love of threadless t-shirts, despite the fact that they look completely bleh on me. Is there a place online that can alter t-shirts to have a less boxy fit (or maybe a scoop neck or deep vee neckline)? Do 'regular' tailors do such things? (i.e. will my trousers guy laugh me out of his shop if I bring him an armload of t-shirts and demand "Just make these look better on me?") 

Or am I asking too much of a lowly t-shirt? They're sort of weekend staples for me, and I'd like to at least try to look pulled together. 

I am terrible at DIY, and would probably sew my thumbs together if I tried to attempt it myself. 

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I don't see why a tailor wouldn't work with you. I know that there are dressmakers/seamstresses who make patterns and such for people; someone like that would be able to help, I'm sure.

There is T-Shirt-Surgery here on LJ:

If you aren't comfortable doing the work yourself perhaps you'd be able to find someone local to help?

Glad that you asked this question as I have a couple of tees that I want to alter at some point...

I have the same problem with threadless t's. I love them dearly, but the neckline drives me nuts. They've recently started offering womens shirts with different necklines, but they mock me by stopping one size before what I wear.

I can't imagine why a tailor would turn down business with a strong likelihood of repeat business. If s/he does, it's time to find another tailor! Go for it!

Yeah, really! I know of some local tailors in boston that would KILL for something as easy (to them) as a t shirt alteration. Money is money!

I found an etsy seller who does Tshirt alterations, but I don't know how cost effective this would be.

However, it does show that there are Etsy sellers who do this.

Of course now I'm considering buying a serger and going into business! LOL

I've used the tailor at the dry cleaners to turn a regular neckline into a scopp. I just traced in pencil where I wanted the neckline.

A tailor should definitely be able to help you. If you want a quick n' dirty fix for necklines, you can always just cut them with a good pair of fabric scissors. I've done that on a few shirts-- t-shirt fabric doesn't really unravel.

i cut the neck out of all of my tees and make them into scoopnecks. i don't sew them, either.

I LOVE the idea of going to your trouser guy and demanding to make shirts look nice.

In those sorts of shirts I look boxier than the biggest of the box factory's boxiest finest, so I hear what you're saying. Two things that I find help are shortening the sleeves and cutting out a lower neckline, which I do by basically copying the neckline of another shirt I love. I'm fortunately quite good at DIY (and modest, too!) so I tend to approach these things without fear. I can appreciate your apprehension, however, so I recommend maybe trying the cut with paper first to see if it works.

I would agree with some of the above posters and say that if your tailor isnt interested in easy business, go elsewhere.

As per the t-shirt surgery itself: I cut the neck and sleeves of almost every shirt I own. No sewing involved. Jersey fabric will roll a bit where cut but wont un-ravel. Make sure you use sharp sewing scissors if you decide to try it yourself.

Since you're as bad at sewing as you say, why not go to a cheap tshirt place (I've seen plain ones at the 99 cents store even) and buy a couple and practice different looks on them by just cutting them to see if that would work on your good ones? Just a thought. =)

Altering t-shirts is insanely easy, since the fabric itself will mold to the shape of your body once altered a little bit, and the knit won't fray, either. So you really could just cut the neckline out and leave it, although to be more "finished" looking you might want to get it hemmed.

And to make band shirts fit my crazy female ratios better, all I have to do is add in darts down the sides at waist level, add in some elastic gathering at the back, poke some holes and make some corset-ties, or something along those lines. Which I'm sure any tailor could do for you, too.

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