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Fattie in a commercial and Activism.
patchworkcherry wrote in fatshionista

Has anyone seen this Call of Duty: Black Ops Commercial?


There is an adobable, badass, dark-haired fattie in this commercial, and I smile everytime it comes on.

PS. I'm not condoning violence or violent video games or anything like that, please don't use this thread as an anti-war rally.

I'm about to go on vacation, but after I get back, I want to get more into size/shape/fat/disability activism. I have several ideas as to what I can do,  but I'm open to ideas/suggestions. Keep in mind, I am disabled due to chronic illness and constant pain, so I have limited energy...but not limited resources. 

My main idea is underground Project Mayhem-style distribution of  flyers/stickers with empowering, body-loving messages or maybe even comics. I'd like to maybe even provide a list of links to fat-positive websites...or open a webpage designed to share in very simple terms the concept of size and shape acceptance.

If you'd like to get involved in this with me, either by providing permission  to link your blog or if you'd like your own set of stickers for distribution, please contact me. I'd love to have a grassroots campaign thing going, and to keep in touch. I'm often online, and available for chats.

email: patchworkcherry@yahoo.com (this is also my yahoo messenger ID)

secret identity facebook page: Amber Serk

AIM SN: wendyissnazzy

And for the hell of it...a goofy-face pic of me and the hubs: 



Maybe I'm weird, but I liked the commercial and the cute fattie!

Thanks. They're antique frames I picked up years ago, and had my script put in this year!

I have seen it, and I really liked that she was just there in the crowd, doing her thing like everyone else. That commercial had real, unremarked-upon diversity, and I loved that they're marketing it to all kinds of adults.

Also, your photo made me laugh!

for starters i would LOVE to join your movement. i'm a stay at home mom to a little boy that's in school 5 days a week so i have tons of free time. i don't have much in the way of financial resources but i can offer all the time you'd ever need lol. i have a degree in psy. with a minor in feminist theory, and i'm fat, of course.

anything i can do to help, please don't hesitate to ask.

my AIM screen name is: exesandohhs
and my email is : exesandohhs@gmail.com

i'm basically exesandohhs on everything humanly possible. including yahoo messanger. i look forward to hear from you with anything you need/want to get started with.


I adore the commercial for many reasons, and I'm not even a gamer.

ditto. I loved it the first time I saw it. my hubby has this game but i have never personally played it. I don't like first person shooters.

Someone around here was doing something similar, but just with basic empowering messages- there were several tear-off sheets (like those you see for rentals)- the "poster" part just said
"say yes" - with instructions to put a "yes" on something you approved
and the tearoffs said, simply:

And then, around other places, there were stickers that said, probably 2-3" high, put around the bases of lampposts and whatnot- that said
"i believe in you."

I loved it.
(here's an example of one of the posters, but just a photo- http://www.etsy.com/listing/61085378/say-yes-blank-greeting-card-set-of-6)

I'm a gamer (not into first person shooters), and I'm so happy to see diversity in age, race, sex, size, and SES in that commercial. I only think I could squee more if there was someone with a visible disability :-)

Awesome glasses and fun pic btw :-)

Love to join your movement, I put your name on my AIM buddylist (I'm YourrepetitiveBS on AIM). I'm very new to this though :) so keep that in mind.

LOL. The most intense video game I've ever played is Legend of Zelda Windwaker, and this commercial is makin' me want to SHOOT THINGS UP! A+ marketing.

That commercial made me laugh. The deli guy at the end just made it!

I see that commercial I want to go play Call of Duty: Black Ops. This is even knowing that I loathe 1st person shooters and don't even own a gaming console. XD
I agree with whoever said they get an A+ for marketing!

As to helping the cause... I'm happy to plaster my town with stickers/flyers. I also happen to be engaged to an illustrator who digs drawing women of the zaftig persuasion. He's not half bad at it either. ;)

I'm on AIM as parachles(@aol.com), and gmail as xparachlesx(@gmail.com). I work 8 to 5 PST so I might be scarce on IM during the daylight hours... but I am great at returning e-mails. :D

Oh yeah... I forgot to mention: My illustrator fiance will work on the cheap/free. When I asked him about it he said: "I think that sounds cool!" Some of his work can be found at Introvertedart on deviantArt.
If you need/want help with print friendly graphics and like what you see, he's your guy.

that's hilarious! looks like pictures me and my hub do. hope i get to see you tomorrow!

Great idea!

I have a profile on Model Mayhem, direct link here (there are some NSFW images, but you won't be able to see those if you're not a member).

I also have a friend/lover who wrote something on his blog (in response to that Marie Claire article a while back) that might be appropriate for what you're talking about... I'm sure he'd be happy to let you link to his site, and feel free to tell him I sent you. (The link is NSFW... the pics are me!)

fantastic ad (and photo)!
your project sounds really interesting, and I certainly would like to get involved. i'm a bit busy for the next few weeks, but i'll see what i can offer after that. i'm kind of excited about this idea. :)

Yay! It'll take me a couple of weeks to get this up and running anyhow.

Love the commercial-- she is a cutie! Loved the diversity which as someone above said was "unremarked upon." Thanks for the rec.

Cute pic!