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toms for fat feet
1967_colt45 wrote in fatshionista
hey everyone! quick question for you... i'm really interested in buying a pair of toms for the summer time because all my other sneakers are just toooo clunky. anyway, there isn't anywhere in town that i could go try them on for myself so i was just wondering, does anyone with wide/chubby feet have any experience with them? how narrow are they? does the fabric stretch at all?

for those who don't know what i'm talking about, toms are shoes that make your feet look like mummies and for every pair they sell they give one pair to a child in need (mostly in developing countries), they look like this:

thanks for your help!

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I love mine. I'm a 9, pretty wide feet, and chubby toes. I have no problem with them fitting.

It's all about size choices. They're true to size so as long as you buy what you normally wear they should fit perfectly. THEY ARE VERY FORGIVING, after you wear them a few times they mold to your feet and are stupendous. Word of warning if you buy a pair in mens sizes buy a size and a half down. I wear a 10 in womens, bought an 8 in mens and they aren't as comfy as the should be.

i find they stretch out with time. i love love love mine.

i find they run very narrow. typically i wear a womens' size 11, and i have to order a mens' size 10.5.

I wear a womens 11 in most things and its not that my feet are that wide across, but they're thick. Like, the tops of shoes cut into the top of my feet (oddly, this only happens on one foot). are yours like that? I'm not the OP but I'm trying to decide if I should get a mens of womens size.

if they are i haven't really noticed (but strangely enough, my one foot is bigger than the other too) but if i were you i'd definitely get a size up. when i tried on the 11s i couldn't even get my feet into them all the way.

I got a 9 at first because the lady said to buy them a little snug because they stretch out. But I couldn't even wear them without them being too uncomfortable. So I exchanged for a 9 1/2 and they are perfect. My feet are wide.

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sorry, just was excited to see it lol

just a fyi about toms shoes-as awesome as it is that for every pair, one is given away-but did you know that he has them made in sweatshops in china? :/

The great, overwhelming, ridiculous majority of the clothes and shoes discussed in this group are made in third-world countries.

(Some New Balance shoes are still made domestically. AFAIK every other sneaker-type shoe is imported.)

I tend to wear expensive shoes, which are more comfortable, and usually avoid the whole sweatshop shoe problem, since the pricier stuff tends to be made in Italy or elsewhere in Europe. Shoes are the only thing I'm willing to spend boatloads of cash on. (Of course, I'm lucky to be able to have the money needed to make this choice-well lucky, and since I buy mostly used clothing, I have money left over for pricey shoes)

Not exactly true...

"On the manufacturing side, TOMS ensures that all their factories operate using fair labor practices where they maintain proper conditions for workers and pay fair wages. Currently, TOMS has factories in both Argentina and China with plans to expand to Brazil and Ethiopia. In all cases, they go to great lengths to ensure fair labor conditions are met by regularly visiting factories and also employing third parties to audit the factories."

Mine are always super comfy at first, then they stretch, then the sides bust out. I hate it. It's so frustrating.

Also, yeah. They're made in sweatshops, like someone else said. It pisses me off. I only wear them when I don't have to pay for them.

I've had three pairs. The first were the natural ones from like...4 years ago? And they're still around, holding up. I've bought two more pairs since then. One of them probably a couple years ago, and were one of the two pairs of shoes I brought while backpacking in Europe and Morocco. Completely fell apart 2 weeks into the trip, but they were well worn before then. The other pair just got so ridicuously rank that I had to throw them away, the smell was awful. I've never had another pair of shoes, including the other Toms, smell like that.

But, I bought my size straight and they fit just great! They do stretch out to form your feet.

If you're interested in the style, might I suggest looking into The Working World? They pay the employees in Argentina better than Chinese sweatshops for their work and are way less expensive than Toms. I've bought a pair and really, really like them.

Ooh, great link.

It's a bit of an eye-opener to see what it costs to buy shoes or clothes that are made by workers earning a living wage.

They will probably fit wide feet BUT they are the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever worn in my life. I would rather spend a day in stilettos than in a pair of Toms. There's no support or padding whatsoever, totally flat. They are somehow (magically) worse than just being barefoot. I have super high arches though, my flat footed gf loves them, although she admits they aren't remotely comfortable.

I have really, really wide and chubby feet and I have a few pairs of Toms. I generally wear a size 10-11 in women's. I first ordered a pair of Toms in women's and they were way too tight (this was like 2 years ago so the sizing might be better now) so I ordered a 10.5 in men's and they are perfect. most comfortable shoes I've ever had!

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