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Make up (foundation) for sweaty faces?
michelle_renee wrote in fatshionista
Morning Folks!

What do you guys use for a foundation base all in one?
I have used  Mac Studio Fix (ehh ok - kinda cakey  and pricey),  Cream based foundations that dry to a powder finish (feels slimey in summer), and various mineral combinations but they end up everywhere when I put them on.  I tend to sit at my desk and put my make up on 5 minutes before the bell rings.  I am middle school teacher.

My whole make up routine takes about 5 minutes from start to finish and I want something non messy and stays on hot sweaty summer faces.  Between my weight, summer heat, and medications that cause extra sweating - it  is hard to not look greasy slimey yecky.

What do you guys use that is one step?

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I actually use Studio Sculpt - which is a gel-based foundation. I never use powder. Liquid foundations make me feel slimey (it's HOT in Florida, yo) so I can't go that route but I've been really pleased with the Studio Sculpt for its light feel and staying power.

I do want to say that your weight does not make you look greasy. Fatties have all sorts of skin types too! :)

Is the studio sculpt not messy?

I hate stuff all over my shirt.

I actually dont have greasy skin but I sweat and poor sweat - run down face kinda thing so it looks yecky.

I love your icon. I had that color and many many others before the man came and said I couldnt student teach with my hair.. but your icon is very very pretty

It's not perfect, and it is expensive, but for my extremely oily complexion, the best I have found is Mat Velvet by Makeup Forever. It's full-coverage, which I like because I have really uneven skin.

A good primer helps it stick, too. For primer I use Lorac ultraprime oil free primer. I suggest if you have a sephora near you, trying on several different oil-free matte primers to see what you like best, that's how I came to find Mat Velvet. I tried using setting powders over foundation and found that to make my oily/sweaty face worse, just fyi. So a slick on of primer and foundation and I'm good to go for the day.

Yes! Make Up For Ever makes fantastic foundations! And if you don't need heavy coverage, the Face & Body foundation is waterproof and should stay put through anything.

I swear by Bare Minerals. I can't wear liquid makeup anymore.

I'm a new bare minerals convert as well. I bought it last summer but didn't really bother with it that much since it seemed like a lot of work. But I wore it about a month ago for an event and loved how it made my skin look and it felt like I had nothing on at all. Now I have to admit, that I'm lucky enough to have pretty good skin so for most days I just throw on a bit of concealer to cover my under eye circles and go but if I wake up with enough time I'll wear bare minerals just to even everything out.

I'm getting over Bare Minerals because they make me break out like cause the concept is awesome.
I too am trying to survive summer while looking cute--I live in Texas, so yeah. I've been using Dermalogica's tinted moisturizer lately. Not only is it SPF 15, it's not too thick and gross but provides great coverage.
Maybe just use a moisturizer, skip the foundation part, and just use some loose powder? I'd also get some rice paper (Didn't Clean and Clear or somebody use to make lil' cute packs of rice paper in blue plastic holder thingits? Hrrmm.) for blotting touch ups.

And I agree--being fat doesn't make you or your skin gross. I'm fat and I have crazy dry skin--I have to moisturize twice about a half hour before I put heavy makeup on to make my skin not look like it's flaking off, sexy, I know.
Maybe go to your local Sephora and be like hey, what's you recommendation for awesome summer makeup?

I actually have really good skin *knock on wood*
I just POOR sweat down - soak brows.. sweat beading up - yecky.

I do the moisturizer after shower thing too - love me some aveno!

I agree with tinted moisturizer. If you don't need or want super thick coverage, this is my favorite combo product.

As an MUA, I would recommend Bare Minerals with spf (the spf makes it slightly stickier and is good for you anyways). You should get a big blush/powder/kabuki brush to apply it, in the directions of your natural skin (so you may brush three to four different directions per side of your face). The key to minerals not being messy is that your skin is well moisturized when you start out, so that it doesn't drop from your face. If your face is already sweaty, it should stick no problem.

If you want pressed powder foundation, Jane Iredale makes a great mineral one, that is super easy and clean. It is more expensive, however, and you generally have to get it direct from your aesthetitican.

Any pressed powder foundation should work. Depending on pricepoint, you might try the Body Shop, as mentioned above, Cover Girl, or Stila.

the OP is my don't understand, she is *messy.* She already has bareminerals and spills them all over her desk and powder falls down onto her shirt, lol. This doesn't mean she's a slob, she's just got bad aim, lol.

Yo -if you like a compact get Jane Iredale or Youngblood Mineral Foundations that are pressed. Same mineral effect, no mess.

Go to the MAC counter with a bare face and have them put Studio Sculpt on and then walk around and see how slimy it gets.

Benefit Some Kind of Gorgeous is really nice, I used that for a while, too..

And this is by Origins, I got a sample of this in a gift bag last year and used it all and loved it but still had a whole thing of studiofixx.

And I swear by Estee Lauder Doublewear, both the liquid and the light that is in the tube. It's spendy but a bottle lasts me over a year and makes my skin flawless and does NOT sweat off or leave me feeling all slimy. Haven't tried the powder version but it gets good reviews on the EL site. If I only had to buy/use one foundation ever again, Doublewear would be my holy grail foundation, as they say over on MakeupAlley, lol.

how sad is it I talk to you more on LJ today than I have in 2 weeks?! Love yer guts, dork.

I use this:

It has SPF, covers really well, and it's not too heavy.

If you're getting your mineral makeup all over, you're using way too much. You need to shake/tap off your brush A TON before applying.

I'm a middle school teacher, living in Texas, in the hottest room EVER, and I use Stay Matte foundation from Rimmel. I've used it for about a month now and it's been good. Easy to put on and doesn't stray. I also use the foundation primer.

I agree with using a foundation primer.

I have oily skin and it's extremely oily in the summer. This combination of products works the best for me: I use a primer (important...dont use a moisturizer when using a primer, it just slides off)-Bare Escentuals Prime Time Foundation Primer Oil Control. As a foundation I have found that Revlon Colorstay for oily skin is the best for me. After, I would set it with an oil control powder (I use Physicians formula mineral powder with spf 50 in it just cuz it's super sunny and cream spf is gross). But I must stress that blotting papers are a MUST for oily and sweaty skin. It helps me out alot!

I find that in the summer wjhen its hot, a mattifying moisturiser under my makeup works brilliantly. I usually use the Body Shop one :)

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