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Plus size WASP-wear
toffeegyrl wrote in fatshionista
I was buzzing around on The Broke Socialite, and saw a link to this interesting blog (Amid Privilege), who has this really interesting article about how to dress WASP-y if you're plus sized.

Since lots of us have expressed interest in professional dress, I thought this might be useful.

Can a Plus size Woman Dress High WASP?

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i get that a lot of wasps like to dress white collar, and i get that upper class and business fashion were largely shaped by that group, but "dress like a wasp caricature" as a business wear tip kind of rubs me the wrong way unless it's meant to be humorous or satirical.

I didn't take it as a primer to dress like a caricature so much as 'neat/pulled together', which is something I've always liked. I think I work with a WASP, and I honestly like her polished, very pulled together style.

Apologies if the link or the fashion/idea was offensive.

i'm not offended, i just find it a bit odd as a fashion link. i guess it's kind of like posting about rayban wayfarers, scarves, or peacoats using a link from "stuff white people like"

I'd just like to be able to find some cool office-wear. Possibly some nice well-cut shirts that aren't see-through.

If you are a size 24 or under, and want classically conservative separates, then Damart is worth a look. They don't do a big range and alas they only have stores in the more southern Australian states. A lot of their stuff is old lady style, sort of the store that fashion forgot, which can be good when the stores that fashion didn't forget aren't giving you appropriate options.

Thanks for that; I hadn't thought of looking there. I think there might actually be a Damart store in Brisbane. I'm sure I've seen one. Unless I was dreaming. There's a couple of things there I could possibly use for work.

anyone else find it ironic she features queen latifah, a black woman, on a wasp blog? huh. i do think the term wasp is usually considered pretty much as a caricature..but this broad's taking it seriously. why not just call it safe, classic looks? weird. clothes are okay, if you're into that stuff.

I'd agree. Is she forgetting what the W stands for? As a 'WASP' myself, I'm tired of the term and the caricature it tends to imply. I'd prefer it if she'd called it 'classic, stylish' looks or something, not 'high WASP.'

Yeah, damn uppity broads, trying to satirize class identity.

I sometimes prefer clean classic clothing, and struggle to find great pieces.

I also find it completely fascinating that people still go around talking about their WASPiness. It seems a teeny bit vulgar.

I read Amid Privilege (and Coorporette) regularly and really enjoy it actually. Amid Privilege gets the joke. The blog half the time points out the irony of many of the WASP stereotypes - but it really is I guess half how to and half deconstructing the WASP lifestyle. I find it a good touchstone for dealing with people at work who do fit the WASP stereotype - and get some great fashion/lifestyle ideas from it. I also really liked that she acknowledged what a pain it is to find quality, classic wear in plus size. Many fashion bloggers (like those at Coorporette) don't.

and the High WASP is one of the "characters" in her blog... there's the high WASP, the sturdy girl and the artsy cousin - just something to keep in mind. she does outfits and discusses each archetype in various blogs and just happened to do plus size high WASP for this one.

What in the world is WASP style?? What does that stand for? I've never heard it before...

Answered my own question! I Googled it and it means White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (which seems redundant to me).

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