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crommelynk wrote in fatshionista
so, after lurking for like an entire year... i've decided to finally post an outfit of the day!!!!
also- these are photobooth pictures so the quality isnt too fantastic, but they'll do i suppose! 


close up of the print on the leggings. they're shiny. and i love them. and sorry you can see my duster in the background! haha. i was tidying up a bit. 


I am a 5'2'' deathfat with serious SASS. 
Also, literally everything i have on in this outfit is from target, except for the necklace.
the shirt is just a plain mens v neck that i cut and shredded to my liking!

comments/criticism welcome!    

i love it. how did you do the shirt?

i'm new to this community, what does death fat mean? you are beautiful and i love the outfit!

awesome! Way to go on the shredded t shirt, so fierce.

Can you please tell me about your gorgeously awesome lipstick?

ok so i learned this really awesome trick when i was doing theatre classes, and im glad i can share it now hahah!!!

if you have a mixing medium (which can be a professional mixing medium, or vaseline or water... or in my case just a really sticky clear gloss that i got for 99 cents at walmart!!!) you can literally turn any matte pigment or pressed cosmetic into a lipstick.

right now, i own this... its just a basic palette, which seems like it may be alot of money but i think its a pretty good deal, considering you could easily pay that much for a lipstick from sephora or something.


if you can see on the right hand side of the palette there are all sorts of reds and purples. since i would probably never wear those colors on my lids, i started to experiment making them into lipsticks. so i what i do, is i just take a flat lipbrush or my fingers and i apply the pigment like i would a lipstick. during this it will look really gross and matte, but once you put a gloss over it... you're good to go.

sometimes with the darker shades though, i do find a cheapo lipstick that may not be as pigmented to go over it. in this case, i used a wet and wild lipstick called raisin over this. its a a nice lipstick but its not very pigmented.... so it just made my lips look more moisturized.

i hope that helps, and im sorry if its like a novel haha.

You look absolutely fabulous! Where did you get those hot tights?

Target has those? I our sizes? Ack!

Such a simple outfit, but so gorgeous! Also, that make-up and hair on you is absolutely stunning

You are so cute! The shirt looks great. I was a bit skeptical when I read "shredded tshirt" but yours is a lot more Rodarte than Hot Topic. :)

wow. the rodarte compliment is probably the best compliment i've ever received!!!
thank you!

woooo hooooo!! you're the first fatty i've seen rock the shredded shirt (flyy at that!!) i've seen it all over the skinty blogs and youtube and i told myself one day i'll do it, but never have *fail*

which brand of tee did you use to do the shredding?

awww. well you should do it!!!! i bet you could rock it! if thats you in your icon, you look totally fierce, so i don't see why not!

the t shirts are just whatever target brand is. my target here has a really wide variety of mens sizing (funny how some of the mens clothes go up to 5x and we have a tiny little plus section... oh well.)

not washing them before i shredded them seemed to make it easier, too.

cute, i had not seen someone do the whole "shredding" thing that i liked but i like this!

Love, love, LOVE this! The outfit is fab and your hair and make up is amazing!
You're making me want to shred something so bad

that shirt is awwweesome!!

I don't usually use the word fierce, but girl you are working it!! I need to know about your makeup routine as well, you skin is flawless, and lipstick is amazing.

awww thanks!

and ok so i posted a comment earlier in the thread about my lipstick trick! its kind of long, so im not going to repost down here because i think it would be a little insane, but its definitely up there.

as far as my face goes, literally everything i used today was all from the drugstore.
on my face i have NYC tinted moisturizer and NYC concealer. the good thing about it, is that you can build up coverage where you want it, and trust me.... i definitely have alot of imperfections going on under that! haha

the blush, is covergirl. and the eyeliner and mascara are also NYC as well!

looooove, and your hair and makeup are PERFECT.

Your makeup is amazing and I love your hair. The outfit is kickin' too!

I lovvvve your hair and makeup. The shirt is awesome too!