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fat-friendly cities and towns?
thirtiesgirl wrote in fatshionista
Hi fats. I come to you with a question. Based on your experiences, what places, cities, towns do you consider fat-friendly? Read on...Collapse )

chicago is completely fat friendly. i always wondered what it'd be like to live somewhere like la where everyones constantly trying to lose weight blah blah blah.

Yeah, if I could handle the cold, that's most likely where I'd be.

I live in Houston, but I vote for Austin because I think the people there are more your speed. (Based 100% on what I've read/seen in your OOTDs and comments.)

It's freakishly cold right now, so don't take this for a normal Texas winter...or a normal Southern winter, for that matter. We tend to run about 10 degrees warmer than this, and it doesn't normally snow 3 times in 5 years. When summer comes, it's fairly humid due to being an hour from the Gulf of Mexico, and we tend to hit 100 sooner or later, but usually not until late July.

I live in DC and it's fantastic and moderately fat friendly, meaning I don't have to deal with obnoxious strangers commenting on weight and will see other fat chicks on the street occasionally but there aren't any cool fat clothing stores and minimal activism.

oh, also, I'm a big fan of Nashville, Atlanta, Myrtle Beach, Savannah, and Portland. I used to live in Sacramento and would say it's similar to DC in terms of fat-friendliness, maybe a little less friendly.

I live in New Orleans, and I find that the opposite sex is not very fat friendly to me (maybe I just have really BAD experiences, but I've been in the Quarter and had men actually "moo" at me), but I travelled to Seattle and LOVED IT. I loved that interracial couples are "normal" up there (not like here in the deep south) and I wasn't made fun of or looked at strangly, at all!

OMG, you've had people MOO at you?! The brain boggles at the stupidity... ach. That stuff pisses me right off. But yeah, I've considered Seattle, although I've heard the job market is very tight up there and has been for several years, much like Portland. I'm also not sure if I could handle the constant rain. Several people I knew in college moved up to Seattle after graduation, but came back to SoCal within a year because they couldn't handle the constant rain. I'd definitely like to visit Seattle for myself and check it out, though.

I don't really believe that places are more fat friendly than others. You can run into assholes everywhere.

I grew up in upstate New York, lived in North Carolina for a few years and I've been in SoCal for the past 10 years. I love it here and I find it no less accepting of my fatness than anywhere else. Thankfully I'm not trying to date because I think that would be miserable just about anywhere. The internet, in some ways makes it worse because there is ALWAYS someone new around the corner.

I'm in Hollywood and I totally love my neighborhood. My job recently moved to El Segundo and we considered moving down that way (South Redondo)but I kind of feel the South Bay is a little stifling. Hollywood/Los Feliz/Silver Lake seem to be a bit more tolerant of the non shiny happy people.

Funnily enough, while Hollywood, Los Feliz and Silverlake were once the neighborhoods for independently minded people, I find that they've become locked into their own 'hipsterville' and have no real character any more. Silverlake, especially, has become so gentrified that I prefer the South Bay. People who live here aren't *trying* to be hip by living in a "preferred zip code." I've grew tired of that attitude pretty damn quickly after I moved to LA. One neighborhood is no hipper or better than another, and there are plenty of shiny, happy people in the neighborhoods you mention. They've just learned to hip in up in Fluevogs, Docs and faux vintage clothing. I prefer a little more authenticity myself.

i don't have any tips really; i lived in northern new jersey and it wasn't particularly fat friendly but it also wasn't *unfriendly* -- everyone there is too self-absorbed too care too much about other people. i live back home in detroit right now and it's the pits for anything (sorry sorry, i'm usually much more detroit positive, but i've been fed up for a few months now). both of those are out for you anyway, because of the weather.

but i wanted to say thanks!! because i've been wanting to ask this exact same thing for a couple days but hadn't gotten around to asking it yet. and i'm glad to hear some insider opinions about seattle -- that was on my short-list of places to move to, but maybe not now. i'll just stick with DC :)

I was coming here to post about northern NJ...I've been big my whole life and no one has ever said one negative (weight related) word to me or anyone else I know that's fat/overweight either. Maybe I've just been lucky? Honestly no one really notices or cares which is fine with me. The only fat hate I've ever gotten was once or twice in NYC.

But the winters do get to be under 40 degrees, so it's out for the OP.

I'm going to throw a "not San Francisco" out there. Both my parents were born and raised here, and my siblings live nearby and it is home so I'm not leaving, but even as an inbetweenie I have a hell of a time.

Yeah, I hear you. Looks, location and weather-wise, it's one of my favorite cities in the world, but I've visited SF a lot (had a college b/f whose parents lived in the area, and a college friend who moved up there for 5 years) and I found that most people there are so intent on being a bunch of hipsters, they have no originality. Not to mention the cost of living, which is absolutely ridiculous in SF. LA is catching up pretty damn quickly (another reason why I want to leave), but it's not quite there yet.

I don't know if Honolulu is an option, but this is one of the most body-friendly places I've ever lived. Pacific Islanders are traditionally a more robust (and I mean that as healthy, strong) culture who value size, and that has trickled down, I think, into the mainstream culture.

In the part of LA where I live, there's a fairly large Samoan community and many Samoan students attend the school where I work. I know Samoa's not Hawaii, but they're both Pacific Islands, and I've seen what you mean about valuing size. I'm just not sure I'm an 'island girl,' so to speak. I think I'd feel disconnected from the rest of the world, or something, if I was living on an island. Which is completely ridiculous, I know, since the Hawaiian islands have all the amenities I have in SoCal, but that's just where my brain goes when I think about living on an island.

I have never once in my life experienced fat phobia in New Orleans. However, it's insanely hot (it's a subtropical climate after all) and the crime is outrageous.

San Francisco! It meets your weather requirements, has music scenes of all stripes, and generally is accepting of many many different people, including fatties. I'd absolutely recommend taking a trip there and seeing how you like it, research some fat/music/alt events or meetings first, but SF has something for everyone. I love Austin too, it gets really hot and humid there though. Maybe try finding things to do there and go see how you like it too? In this economy it makes sense to decide where you live based on where you can get a job, so maybe apply to jobs in your top choice cities and let wherever you get an offer/the best offer decide it for you? Good luck!

I've visited SF many times and it's one of my favorite cities in the world, simply based on looks, weather and location. Sadly, the cost of living there is absolutely ridiculous and not what I'm willing to pay. As much as I'd like to live in SF, it's off my list for that reason. I also feel that there's a large number of people in SF who feel they're too hip for the rest of the world and can be extremely judgmental of others. I've met many of them on my visits to SF and I really prefer living in a city where people are a little more genuine.

texas is really fucking hot. i'm a nj transplant and after two summers i still cannot be outside for more than 10 minutes in june-august without wanting to scream and peel the skin off my bones because IT'S. TOO. HOT. This wouldn't be nearly as bad except for the fact that it still gets freaking cold in the winter, albeit with much less regularity.
I hear good things about Portland.
i wouldn't really recommend nj, even though i miss it and plan to move back; the people there are not very friendly, and there's no real fat community unless you count nyc's. and nyc is not a fat friendly city ime.

however, nj is an AWESOME place to work as a teacher. my mom is a teacher and they get paid really well, the best benefits you'll ever see, and everyone is uber unionized so it's hard for the admin to fuck them over. central jersey/south, nearer to philly might be worth looking into.