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Faith 21 Available in Canada!
wakasume wrote in fatshionista
Just letting you all know, in case anyone hasn't noticed, but Faith21 is now available for shipping on The Canadian Forever21 Website.

The selection is limited now, but hopefully it'll expand. I've been dying to get my hands on their clothes, and they're available! I'm really happy, just spreading the joy and the word. No more driving to the USA for me, that's for sure, to pick up parcels...

Now only if the Arcadia group (Evans, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop) would do the same. :(

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wait, it's in store!! i'm going there tomorrow...only in three provinces, i know, but so excited to squeeze my size 22 butt into something floaty!

thanks for the info, this is very exciting!! :)

wait a minute - faith 21 is in alberta! how exciting! now i just wish i had some spending money.... :)

It's also in Montreal, so very exciting for me. :J
I just wish Faith21 was in sooner in Alberta, I would've reaped the benefits. I heard theres size 18's in the stores sometimes if we're lucky.

Fellow Montrealer fatshionista here is happy about faith 21 in the Complexe les Ailes store.

In store in all the Toronto locations!!! Awesome, I'll have to check it out.

i just went this afternoon to the yonge/dundas square forever 21, and asked about faith 21 because i couldn't find it anywhere in the friday 5pm shopping frenzy that usually descends on that store. the salesclerk said they were supposed to get it in soon, but didn't have it maybe the best bet would be to call first. she did mention that fairview mall in burlington could be a better bet, but i haven't checked...

My sister works in the Burlington mall and texted me yesterday to tell me Faith 21 is in there.

Ha, they've got the Metrotown store as being in Burnaby, AL! Well, fingers crossed that they'll be stocking Faith21 when the store opens in November. I'll actually have to go out to Metrotown again.

well damn, there goes any hope I ever had of saving some money this month.

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