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ISO Mercedes Jones clothes (from Glee)
punkybubbles wrote in fatshionista

So are any of you fatshionistas watching Glee? If so...I'm sure you have all noticed a fellow fatshionista, Mercedes Jones.
I'm dying to know where she got the red fringe jacket she was wearing on last night episode when she was singing "Bust your windows".
I've been searching all morning. Any ideas? Here is a crappy picture that I found..


I can't help ya there, but I was so excited watching this last night. She is talented and full of fantastic!

Here's the link to her performance on YouTube for anyone who didn't get to see it:

I can't help either, but this totally just reminded me that I forgot to watch last night :(

madradstalkers is good for these kind of things. I really don't know though :(

I was *so* about to post the same thing. I have been browsing -- haven't found it yet but I plan on tracking it down!

Mercedes is SO awesome on this show. I don't have advice about where to find the jacket though, sadly. :(

I don't know where the jacket is from, but i was JUST about t make a post on Mercedes Jones. I think she is fantastic! It's nice to see a plus size girl portrayed as fashionable, trendy, smart, and knows what she wants! While her clothes are too teen trendy for me ( I'm 28), I wish there was a character like her on T.V. when I was 16. I also like the main focus (so far) about her being single is not because of her weight, but because she's in Glee.

I know! She's just incidentally fat, sort of like how other characters are incidentally tall or short or whatever.

Have you checked the websi--the for the show for wardrobe info? It should be there--they're very online-aware.

Let's try that again.

Have you checked the website for the show for wardrobe info? It should be there--they're very online-aware.

Just watched this today and thought the same thing about that jacket, "Where on earth can I find one?!" Instantly I thought that the jacket itself looks more like a shrug and if you're confident in your scissor-wielding skills, you could mod an existing leather jacket with fringe. Cut off the portion below the yolk -- or whatever you'd call the seams where the fringe is attached -- and clean up any edges.

That said, if someone finds this, PLZ LINK.

It looks like it could be a straight sized jacket, judging on how she is wearing it open. I would search google shopping under fringe jacket and shredded jacket, because in the video it looks more like shredding than fringe. It is entirely possible the wardrobe person shredded something his/herself to get the look.

Cute jacket! I did find a link you can send idea to. Maybe they can do it, or direct you to find it. It's a Canadian company called Abbyshot.
From their website: AbbyShot Clothiers is a privately held corporation founded in July 2002. AbbyShot's garment designs are styled after clothing worn in movies, anime series, TV shows and computer games, yet completely wearable as high-end, durable, everyday apparel.

You could always try and ask Amber Riley herself, she might know where to direct you. She twitters under 'MsAmberRiley' and is very friendly. The cast is in Australia at the moment, so you might not get a response until they get back.

I was waiting for someone to post about this show. I am in love with Glee. Mercedes was so fierce during that number. I want that entire outfit. She looked fantastic!

oh man..the first episode of glee was on last night. so ..give me a few weeks, and i'll have my opinion on this? :)

If the first episode was last night, how does everyone know about it? This is what's been confusing me about the show... was it a genius marketing campaign that manged to miss me? IF so, yes for my skills to fly under the radar!!! ;)

I think I may be one of the few people in the universe who can't stand that show (hipster irony and cruel comments everywhere, everyone's a stereotype, one female character is awful to the point of rendering the show unwatchable, overproduced musical numbers, just... I don't understand why everyone loves it so much). But that *is* a really cool jacket.

If it was a straight up drama for me I don't think I'd watch it. I'm just a sucker for a musical, and I admit I'll take a crappy plot if it means I get to hear musical numbers. This might explain why I was able to tolerate Spamalot :-)

Sorry, I can't help you - but I LOVE this show. It's a queer fat celebration of musical amazingness! Kind of like how I wish my life was ;-)


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