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Minneapolis Plus Size shopping
doerkenstein wrote in fatshionista
Hi all,

Friends and I are planning a shopping extravaganza in Minneapolis in September.  I'm hoping that somebody might be able to recommend some plus size stores outside of Lane Bryant and Torrid, maybe something unique.  Because we are 'touristing', we are willing to go anywhere in and around Minneapolis.

Thanks for your help!

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I've heard of a place called Plum's Plus Size Boutique, which I think is consignment. I know they're in North Minneapolis somewhere.

some of us went there and it was okay-- nothing really fantastic, IMHO. i got a black dress shirt, and lindsalicious got a couple of things. it's hardly a boutique though-- really just a cramped consignment store.

Really? That's too bad. I never went there, because to tell the truth, I need more clothes like I need an extra boob. Ha! That is the problem with a lot of vintage stores-they concentrate on finding old clothes without regard to quality or wearability. I really miss the 'old' Ragstock! I'm dating myself, I'm sure. But my whole wardrobe was from there. It was all cheap, one of a kind, and fabulous!

I'll still probably visit next time I'm up there.

Definitely give it a try-- I've had some really good luck finding cheap, cute things there!

And let us know when you'll be here -- maybe we can organize a meet up!

What is "touristing"?

I haven't been to Plum's, but I peeked inthe window once when they were closed, and it looked fairly frumpy. But I know lindsalicious and a few other had some luck there. They are in Columbia Heights, on the border of Northeast Minneapolis.

If you are interested in consignment, I have been pimping the Salvation Army "As-Is" store lately. It's in the basement of a Salvation Army on N 4th St and 10th Ave N, and they sell sample pieces and overstock and random weirdness from Target. It is not all plus size, but I have found a lot of good plus stuff there. It's all brand new, not second hand. You should definitely post on twincitiesfats for a meetup--I'd love to come!

Thrift stores in general here tend to be well stocked in plus sizes. My favorites right now are the Savers on Lake St in Minneapolis, the ARC in Richfield (66th and Penn), and the Unique Thrift in Columbia Heights (across from Plum's). I sometimes find okay stuff at Nu Look Consignment on 50th and Penn Ave S.

Since I am guessing you are going to the Mall of America, I would definitely hit up the Nordstrom Rack and Marshall's. The Rack has very high quality plus size clothing from Nordstrom's, and if you hit a sale, you can find stuff for $5 and $10! I notice from your user info you are from Canada, so I would also recommend hitting a Target. They carry a fair amount of plus-size stuff in-store.

Feel free to PM if you want more recs!

Do you ever read the Pioneer Press's Bulletin Board? They have an injoke about the 'verbing of America', and touristing fits quite nicely.

hey folks, thanks for all of the great suggestions. I've been to Minneapolis quite a bit and have never really wandered to much further than the MOA. this time around we have more time and are willing/wanting to see a bit more of the twincities. honestly, i'm not much for consignment and thrift store shopping only because I don't really have the patience for it. so if there are any other unique plus size shops please let me know. I don't mind Lane Bryant, but i'm wondering if there is a Lane Bryant store that would offer a better selection than the one at the MOA?

thanks so much for your suggestions! you guys rock! keep the suggestions coming!

i've never had luck at any LB except the one at MOA.

(Deleted comment)
In addition to what everyone else has said, you might want to try out Opitz Outlet in Saint Louis Park.

Basically, it's like TJ Maxx from the bigger department stores. Everything is 70% off the base retail price. Clearance is 80% off retail. I'm a solid 24/26ish and I always find stuff. They do have some shirts up to a 5x, but not that often. I also recommend checking out the junior section, which goes up to 3x.

Got a pair of nifty Apple Bottom jeans today, a vest with real pockets, and a pretty green shirt.

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