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the uniform project
bloom county: opus dear lj
pinstripe_bindi wrote in fatshionista
Hi all! I've been an on-again, off-again member of the community for a couple of years, but I think this is my first actual post. has anyone heard of The Uniform Project? (Forgive me if this has been mentioned a zillion times already, I just re-joined after being gone for a few months.) This blogger has vowed to wear the same dress every day for a year, only changing the way it looks with various accessories. It doesn't have anything to do with fat fashion, but it interests me. I like the idea of having a very plain base on which to build many different outfits.

Here's my first attempt! Forgive the very boring office background, there's no good place in my house to take self-photos.

The belted shirt dress was arpund $30 from Target. It looks a lot like this one, but it's 100% cotton. I know I'm not the only one who gets annoyed at the dearth of natural fabrics in plus sizes, so this was a great find. In fact, I also got one in chambray. This can probably be worn year-round, I'm sure it will look adorable with a cardigan and over tights or stretch pants. I bet it would even look good paired with pants.

I really want to get some more of these types of dresses, but it's so hard to find simple dresses right now! Maxi dresses and bright patterns seem to be the big thing now. This dress would be perfect, but they only have it up to 2X, and that's just a shade too tight for me.

The shoes are also from Target; and the socks are from Sock Dreams, of course!

close-up of red bangles, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

The red bangles I've had forever, I think I bought them in Chinatown. (When I worked in San Francisco it was really close and I used to go shopping on my lunch break!)

hair chopsticks, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

BTW, these are the chopsticks holding my hair up. ^_^

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i'm really not fond of knee socks in general, but i do like the dress on you. in terms of experimenting with accessories, i would try it with different belts. i think the leggings/cardigan idea will look cute, too.

agreed about the socks. leave 'em out.

The dress comes with a sewn on belt so regular belts wouldn't work. But I was thinking I might try with things like scarves (as a belt) when it gets colder. Too hot to be lugging around extra fabric at the moment.

i've had success working around the usually flimsily-attached belts on dresses, but ymmv.

I have to agree. The knee socks don't make sense with the dress.

they have that target dress in black in all four sizes, and pink in 1,2, and 4x. I've had my eye on it for a while!

My friend just sent me a link to the Uniform Project and I was so bowled over. I don't think I have a piece plain enough to do something so intense, but it's definitely making me think of new accessorizing options for the same old outfits.

Hmm, I feel like a dress with a built-in belt would be a poor choice for a year-long project, but I like that the project inspired you. I think the shoes are really cute, but I don't go for novelty socks in general. Red tights would be HOT, though. I have a very similar dress that I think would be perfect for this sort of thing: Shirt dress

It's from Lands End, but I don't see it on their site now. :(

LOL, I'm not going to wear the same dress all year. I'm more interested in a less drastic version of the project: Having 5 or 6 basic pieces that can be made to look very different with accessories.

Here's a cute shirtdress from Macy's:


I'd wait until it goes on sale, but it looks nice.

P.S. I love your icon! Great movie and Lee Pace is dreamy! :D

i just learned about the uniform project the other day - so neat!

I like the uniform project. It reminds me of Andrea Zittel's uniform project that I read about a while ago, though I suppose that's less about actual fashion and more about social implications and interaction. It gives me a lot of ideas though.

I LOVE knee socks, and I see problem with wearing them with dresses or skirts. I wore my rainbow ones with my shortalls to the pride parade this year.

Thanks for bringing the Unifrom Project to my attention. A great idea and a great cause.

This former Catholic schoolgirl likes the knee socks, but not so much with those particular shoes. I'm not a fan of clashing reds or stockings with slingbacks. I love that you used chopsticks in your hair.

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