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Bras and "dog ears"
rhonwyyn wrote in fatshionista
Ever since my breast reduction in February, I've been searching for bras that fit me. I thought I was a 46DD or 46DDD, but after trying on a slew of bras in those sizes, I scratched them off my list. I next tried 46F and G, but no success there. So now I'm looking at 46H and 46I. (For the record, I measure at 46 inches, and the 48" bands I've tried are too loose.)

The thing is, I have rolls of fat that stretch from the sides of my breasts around to my back, under my armpits, which are sometimes called "dog ears," I've discovered. So, I think underwire bras are not an option for me. Plus, I'm curvy all over, so typical bra bands cut into me. I asked my surgeon about removing the extra flesh when he did my surgery, but he said that he couldn't b/c my boobs would just move around to take up the space.

What do you recommend? Do any of you have the same issues that I have? What bras have you found that fit you best?

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I have the same problem - I had a breast reduction several years ago and like you I have the "dog ears" what a horible name - lets call them love rolls shall we? - I had been avoiding the underwire for a while - but one day I decided to try a black lacy number and was surprised that it actually improved the shape of my breasts and upper body in general. I recommed finding a bra that has more fabric on the sides and back - that helps to smoothe out the extra flesh.

I also found that by going up in band width vs cup size made a big difference in how things fit.
It did take me a while to settle into my new size (over a year) so unless you have $ to burn - don't invest too heavily on new bras for a while. If you do have $ - I would recommend trying a bra fitting. ( I've never tired this because the places around here that do it bras start at arouns $150 each.

for the record I'm a 48 DD.

Happy shopping!

i just had my BR about a week and a half ago, this is great to know. although, at my new size, the cheapest bras are less than $10, something i am so excited about. in fact, i have to go get some new sports bras tonight. yippie!

I haven't had a breast reduction, but I have this particular shape too (I'm a 46DD) and don't wear underwires for exactly this reason - they dig right in. I've found that bras with wider bands tend to sit over the fat comfortably rather than dig in, and it's very important to get the right band size. If the band is too big, it sort of rolls and pinches more. It might be worth trying a 44 as well.

I call those rolls of fat "back boobs". :D I have them (or some variation) too! I look for bras that have wide bands - the kind wide enough to have 4-5 little hooks to close them in the back (rather than 2-3). I also make sure that my bra band fits SNUGLY, or else it tends to gradually move upwards over time and cause my back boobs to bulge out underneath the band. FWIW I do prefer underwire bras but I know theyre not for everyone. Good luck!

LOL, back boobs! Thank you for sharing that. I have back boobs too! I'm not sure if this is the same as the dog ear thing, but I have massive rolls of back fat that cause narrow bra bands to roll up and dig in, gotta have those wide bands! Also I can't stand not having a wire.

I'm not totally sure it's the same either. I don't have a lot of fat under my arms, but OMG... my back does have boobs of its own. :D

I measure 47 inches around under my boobs and I wear a 42 band and i also have the rolls.
My everyday bra is actually a 40DD (though I usually wear a 42D in underwire bras) from LB "Cotton No Wire Bra"

Those 'dog ears' are actually breast tissue that has migrated through years of not wearing the right sized bra (if you know this already, my bad).

So my surgeon did lipo under my arms to get rid of them...and they haven't really come back.

But I ditto the underwire; just make sure you lean forward to get all the breast tissue in front of the underwire. If you have a lingerie store near you (that actually specialize in foundation garments and not polyester and lace) they can measure you up right quick. And get you bras that will perfectly fit.

That said, at a 38Gish, I really like Freya bras. They are of excellent quality and last forever.

[quote]Those 'dog ears' are actually breast tissue that has migrated through years of not wearing the right sized bra (if you know this already, my bad).[/quote]

I don't get it. I mean, I have big fat pads in my inner thighs-- they haven't migrated down toward my knees even though they're generally unsupported and subject to gravity.

I think its really just that breast tissue /= fat. Breast tissue is malleable in a way that fat is not. It can be shifted with continual pressure...thats how my surgeon explained it to me.

But your thigh fat is not being poked and squeezed and pushed back by ill-fitting undergarments in the way your breast tissue was.

I got a good laugh out of this.

I ADORE Freya bras. They fit well, and they wear like iron... and I'm a US 36I/UK 38G. If you like Freya, you might also try Fantasie...the sizing runs the same and they have gorgeous bras.

maybe take it to a professional? not that that always solves bra issues immediately but it's nice to have a second opinion.

one thing that bothered me about bras when i wore them (underwire especially, but others too) was that all the advice for how to tell if it fit you was all like 'you'll have no back fat, a good fitting bra will get rid of it.' i have backfat in the nude too, pretty much every bra ever cuts into it. if the band wasn't shifting around all over the place it was uncomfortably tight and definitely accentuating said back fat. so i have no real concrete advice, but i can empathise with bras being annoying/complicated.

I agree that back fat cant be entirely fixed by a bra. Maybe a longline would help more, but fat can bulge over the TOP of your bra band too and I don't think Ive seen a bra that would help with that!

I don't have this problem, but I am wondering whether a longline bra or a cami with built-in cups (not a shelf) might help? It seems like the problem comes from the band squeezing into the roll, so a longer bra or cami that would smooth over it might fix the problem.

You're an H/I after the surgery? Boo :(. Sometimes I wonder if a breast reduction would make my life easier, but from everything I read they just can't do that much.

My breasts are soooo much smaller than before, if you can believe it. He removed over 1kg of tissue from each breast. I had been wearing a 46K bra from Decent Exposures and stretched out 48DDD bras from Lane Bryant. I tried on one of the 48DDD bras a month or two ago, and it was too loose in the band. I threw it away as soon as I got home. I've worn a 46DD bra from Fashion Bug a few times, but now that the swelling has completely subsided and my breasts have fallen into their more "regular" position, it's uncomfortable.

I was looking forward to being able to walk into stores and buy bras, so it's been hard to accept that I'm still relegated to ordering online. Oh well. I suppose it's a small price to pay for the elimination of back pain, nasty rashes, and pain in my breasts, as well as improved sensation.

Yeah, I'm a 38G and I get pain in my breasts and general sweatiness/rashes too. I have back pain but it's hard to tell what causes it. Congrats on your new boobs!

Maybe this is OT, but I just don't really get the "dog ears" reference. How have dog ears anything to do with chest fat? Maybe I'm not visual enough :D

I think the rolls of fat under the arms are supposed to (vaguely) look like dog ears. I agree, though, that it's a pathetic term.

I had breast reduction surgery in Sept. Got 10 pounds removed and I now wear a 44 or 46 D. I also have dog ears. One option is going back to your surgeon and having them removed. My surgeon wants me to come back and have her remove them but wants me to wait at least one year to make sure everything settles. My surgeon bought me a Wacoal bra for after surgery. I loved it so much I went out and bought another soft cup and two underwires. I highly recommend them. I also would suggest maybe going back to the surgeon and ask them what bra they recommend and have them measure you. My surgeon informed me I was wearing my bra wrong because I was not making sure I was pulling all the my breast tissue foward and into the cup.

I asked about having the flaps removed, but my surgeon said he couldn't. I have fat all the way around my sides to my backbone, so it can't be surgically removed. Also, he said that if he tried to remove the "dog ears," my breasts would migrate around my sides. Or rather, fall to the sides instead of staying forward on my chest. The fat keeps my breasts in place, apparently. Since my breasts have changed shape somewhat as they've healed, I can understand that.

If you had 10 pounds removed (I had about four), did you have a free nipple graft? I think I'm still relatively big because my surgeon kept all the veins, ducts, and nerves intact. If he had done a graft, he could have trimmed everything and made me much smaller. At least, that's my theory. I go back to see him for a checkup in August, so we'll see what he says. He did say that one of his goals was to make my breasts proportionate to my size, but I was so hoping that meant I'd be more "normal," as in, able to more easily find bras that fit. :-/

that seems strange the surgeon would say that- I know that with chest reconstruction for transmen, the dog ears are generally taken care of in a revision surgery. Perhaps it's different when all breast tissue is being removed?

I wish you luck- some bras have very wide bands, which would probably help with the cutting in. I hope you find something that works for you!

Hmm... yeah, that's a thought. I'll have to ask him about that in light of the situation you suggested.

I wore an underwire bra today in a 46I. (I think. I bought it on eBay from a British seller, so it was a UK size.) It mostly fit, and with a larger cup, the flab was handled OK. I think the cup was still too small, though, 'cause the wires kept poking me in the sides of my arms, and they didn't lodge under my boobs and stay there - they kept drifting down. Other than that, it felt like I wasn't actually wearing a bra, 'cause my boobs weren't being squished in cups that were several sizes too small! :-D I think I'm heading in the right direction...

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