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Flax Designs clothing company
eveningpiper wrote in fatshionista
I don't know if anyone has posted about Flax Designs clothing but it is one of my favorites. They make loose, flowy clothing from natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, and some cord and rayon. Their plus sizes are called "generous" so you order a 3G instead of a 3X. They have lots of unstructured shirts, elastic waist pants and crop pants, flowing skirts and a few dresses. Each year they come out with several lines (Spring, Summer, Fall, Neutral, Underflax etc) and offer them in a  variety of colours from somber to vibrant. The clothes have affirmations sewn into them so you get a nice boost when getting dressed and read something like "Good things will happen" on the back of your skirt as you slip it on. 

You can't buy directly from the head office but you can see the new line there:

Several stores sell the new line each year and offer pre-ordering options. The new season is always a little expensive, but there is a large secondary market. Many sellers buy up the samples and unsold stock and re-sell it at good discounts. Here are my favorite sellers who carry the genrous size line. I have bought from all of them and the customer service is great.        


The company has an interesting history from hippy designer to mega company which is told here:

Some people keep track of all the designs going back about 15 years and swap and sell on internet groups - but I haven't found a group that focuses on the plus size line.

There is variation in the size of different styles so check the measurements carefully. I have 3G items from them that range  from 54-62" in the hip measurements.

Most of the clothes are offered in solid coloured light weight linen which is lovely and light and the medium weight linen works well for cooler weather. Because it is linen, it does get wrinkly but in a nice authentic way so I don't mind and it breathes beautifully. The cut runs long so petites may not find that it works for them. I am tall so it is a treat for me. I am long waisted too but they run very long and I have shortened a few  tops because I don't like a complete tunic look.

My favorite dress of all time (it is along the lines of my icon picture) is a Flax Design which is from 2003 but can still be purchased  here:

Have a good day,


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It seems your livejournal account was created within the past week and you've never updated it. I'd like to ask: do you work for Flax Designs? Because if you just came out and said, hey I work for this company I think you folks would really like, that would be okay.

This, this, this! But that would defeat the purpose of viral marketing, wouldn't it?

While I enjoy the light and airy look of the linked items, I believe it would be more beneficial to see the pieces on a larger frame. I would love to see some of the pieces you own as your first OOTD.

I feel like those are the kind of clothes that are marketed to fat women all the time: shapeless, washed out colors, nothing fitted or particularly flattering looking. Sorry, just not my thing.

all that's missing is a rope belt of some sort.

there's also a store in lawrence, ks that sells this line. prairie pond studio & bead company

(Deleted comment)
They have a whole "bright" line that's basically neon. I haven't actually seen the clothes, amusingly enough-- just the sample cards as my relative was going through her stuff from her last trade show. (Sorry I'm being really cagey about it but she's sitting right here telling me not to tell the Internet her business! So I can't be specific. She had/has a relationship with the clothing industry, we'll say, and said relationship includes the possession of recent Flax sample cards.)

But yes. It's loose-cut, airy clothes aimed at an older market, and not particularly so much the "fat and fabulous" ethos mostly espoused on here-- more Deva Lifewearish than B & Lu, as it were. The fabric is gorgeous, but I have a bit of a natural fibers fetish. My relative keeps rolling her eyes at me. I bought a bunch of cheap big garments at the last barn sale to cut up and re-use in my sewing projects. It's just gorgeous; I would roll around in it if I had enough.

Hi, "Erin" I'd love to see you post some pictures of yourself in this clothing! That would be more helpful than a bunch of links.

I don't have a digital camera and wouldn't know how to post pictures.

I grew up in Ithaca and knew Jeanne Engelhart, actually. Nice lady. :)

Well, I like the clothes, and wore them back when I was in straight sizes. I'm one of those strange people who actually isn't into wearing bright colors. *shrug*

I don't get it? People collect this stuff and keep track of the "designs"? But they are just big linen pants and stuff? I am kind of confused about what this is.

There is seriously a weird cult-like following for Flax. I've met some people who are into it! Their clothes ARE exceptionally well made, so they do hold up for years and some (ahhh, not me though) consider their designs to be timeless.

I used to wear Flax quite a bit before I figured out form fitting clothes were more flattering on me. I'm certainly not saying it's true for everyone, but I almost cringe at wearing it anymore. I do like the dress you linked but I wish I could see it on a real live person to see the fit! I will say I'd like more clothing companies to put happy little sayings on their tags--it always made me smile.

Thanks for the link! That is exactly the type of clothing I would like to find more of, I can find plenty of linen trousers but not cute unstructured jackets like that. I am a florist, so natural, comfortable, and washable are high on my list.

I can see where it might not be for everyone, but then I wouldn't be caught dead in 80s throwback fashion so to each their own!

Don't worry too much about negative responses to your post (today or ever, and honestly these are not as negative as they can sometimes be!). When I first came here, I was surprised about how many different and diverse interpretations of Fatshion there are! What? Not everyone is 40-something and trying to find careerwear? Shocking!! BUT I was able to get over it eventually. :D

I, for one, do not suspect that you're shilling for Flax, but I agree with some comments above that I'd need to see these clothes on a plus-size model before I could get excited about them. I clicked through all your links, and found that many of the items had no images of the actual clothes - on any kind of model, or even pictures of the finished garments NOT on a model! I can't order from a drawing. Like another poster, I would love to see some of your favorite Flax items on YOU. :D

Welcome, and good luck!

Perhaps it's because I see people in loose, organic styles all the time that I don't see what the problem is? Loose skirts, pants, and tunics can be fashionable when worn & accessorized properly and not in a "I just pulled this off my floor and put it on hurr hurr" way. I agree that too much loose clothing together would be unfashionable, but a fitted shirt paired with a flowy skirt is quite acceptable. Or a flowing tunic with a belt and a pair of fitted pants.

Most of the sites are a bit disappointing because they only show a "pattern" paired with some fabric samples. It looks like the tendertreasures link has actual models wearing the actual clothes though.

I work for a university and Flax clothing are worn by many faculty members, especially in the humanities.

I have a couple items from them that I bought to wear to job interviews over the summer. I liked how flowy and comfy they were, and how well they breathed. Over all, their style doesn't work with my personal style, but it worked well for a "professional but not frumpy" look for me.

I don't think I could be a total Flax enthusiast, but a few pieces here and there would be a nice addition to my wardrobe, I think. It's really nice to see a designer offer a plus sized line of natural fiber fabrics as a welcome antidote to the polyesterarama of a lot of "on trend" lines.

Generally, I'm always grateful for another source for clothes, since there are so few.

(As an aside, I actually used to work for a small designer/wholesaler who was a direct competitor of Flax. The clothes were beautiful but my biggest beef with her was that she used herself - all 5'3", 90, boobless, straight up and down pounds of her - as a fit model and would scale plus sizes up from the patterns that she fit to herself. She's been out of business for awhile now, though.)

i actaully love some of these pieces. check out the 2007 spring party dress. i wish i could find it, cause i would wear the hell out of it.

I think some of their pieces are good reminders that loose and flowy doesn't necessarily have to be shapeless.

and natural fabrics. LOVE.

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