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Flax Designs clothing company

I don't know if anyone has posted about Flax Designs clothing but it is one of my favorites. They make loose, flowy clothing from natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, and some cord and rayon. Their plus sizes are called "generous" so you order a 3G instead of a 3X. They have lots of unstructured shirts, elastic waist pants and crop pants, flowing skirts and a few dresses. Each year they come out with several lines (Spring, Summer, Fall, Neutral, Underflax etc) and offer them in a  variety of colours from somber to vibrant. The clothes have affirmations sewn into them so you get a nice boost when getting dressed and read something like "Good things will happen" on the back of your skirt as you slip it on. 

You can't buy directly from the head office but you can see the new line there:

Several stores sell the new line each year and offer pre-ordering options. The new season is always a little expensive, but there is a large secondary market. Many sellers buy up the samples and unsold stock and re-sell it at good discounts. Here are my favorite sellers who carry the genrous size line. I have bought from all of them and the customer service is great.        


The company has an interesting history from hippy designer to mega company which is told here:

Some people keep track of all the designs going back about 15 years and swap and sell on internet groups - but I haven't found a group that focuses on the plus size line.

There is variation in the size of different styles so check the measurements carefully. I have 3G items from them that range  from 54-62" in the hip measurements.

Most of the clothes are offered in solid coloured light weight linen which is lovely and light and the medium weight linen works well for cooler weather. Because it is linen, it does get wrinkly but in a nice authentic way so I don't mind and it breathes beautifully. The cut runs long so petites may not find that it works for them. I am tall so it is a treat for me. I am long waisted too but they run very long and I have shortened a few  tops because I don't like a complete tunic look.

My favorite dress of all time (it is along the lines of my icon picture) is a Flax Design which is from 2003 but can still be purchased  here:

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