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(no subject)
little miss shy
feisty_jenn wrote in fatshionista
this is embarassing, but i'm hoping somebody here can help!

we've talked about chub rub many times -- and i'm familiar with that as a (sometimes painful) red rash on inner thighs...but does anyone (else) get other symptoms?  Like large painful sorta blister-things?  i tend to get them in the fold between my (under)belly and my legs....very sore.  i've found in the past that wearing spanx-type garments helps because it holds the belly away from the legs, so the thingies don't develop.  But i HATE spanx and similar garments....so i'm wondering:

(1)  does anyone else get these?
(2)  what strategies do you use to avoid them or to treat them?
(3)  what undies and clothing would you recommend to deal with them?

i'm 5'6", 330lbs with a rack o doom and a belly o doom and no butt to speak of.....any help would be muchly appreciated! 

ETA:  I just want to say thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!  For all the information and advice.  And just for the validation that other people get this too.  It's funny, I usually think of myself as refusing to be shamed about my body, demanding health care etc....but I confess, I cancelled a doctor's appt on Monday b/c i was too humiliated to ask my doctor about these lesions/boils....now i not only have some ideas for dealing with 'em but feel way more comfortable going to the doctor knowing that i'm not alone, other people get these.  so again, thank you all!!!

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Um, are you me in another body or something? Haha, I have the same exact problem (and we're similar in size -- I also have no butt, lol). I've actually been having it since I was a teenager, and my best way of dealing with them is to slap a bandaid over it. It helps with the pain (not rubbing against other skin) and helps contain any ickyness if it should happen to pop open. Mine have always gone away on their own, I've never had to get one lanced. But I do sometimes get ones that stick around for a very long time. I'm gonna have to bookmark this post and read other ideas, cuz while my bandaid thing works most of the time, prevention would be so much better. I get them just under my bum in that little crook of my leg, so sitting really hurts when that happens -- bandaids have been the only way to reduce the pain for those ones.

A lot of people have suggested powder, but that just doesn't work for me. I sweat and it just clumps up and causes other problems. Ugh. If I could find a powder that didn't clump up and just turn into a sticky mess, that would be great.

at first i wasnt gonna comment bc i didnt think i had anything new to add. but when you mentioned that you sometimes get them on your bum in the crease, i had to speak up bc wow, have i been there!

i get these too aroung the lady bits, thighs and such and have been dealing for the most part just as you have. but i found when i was having a really bad flare up in my bum creases that i've got to be super vilagent with my toilet seat too. i think that the bacteria can get on the seat and spread them around. so just to be safe, wipe down the seat daily with a bit of bleach. it helped me immensely i'm embarassed to say. not that i dont clean up my bathroom regularly but when dealing with those spots, it helped me to be very vilagent with the toilet too.

Hope that helps someone!

Oh yeah, clorox wipes are a necessity in any bathroom! They are great for stuff like that.

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