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(no subject)
little miss shy
feisty_jenn wrote in fatshionista
this is embarassing, but i'm hoping somebody here can help!

we've talked about chub rub many times -- and i'm familiar with that as a (sometimes painful) red rash on inner thighs...but does anyone (else) get other symptoms?  Like large painful sorta blister-things?  i tend to get them in the fold between my (under)belly and my legs....very sore.  i've found in the past that wearing spanx-type garments helps because it holds the belly away from the legs, so the thingies don't develop.  But i HATE spanx and similar garments....so i'm wondering:

(1)  does anyone else get these?
(2)  what strategies do you use to avoid them or to treat them?
(3)  what undies and clothing would you recommend to deal with them?

i'm 5'6", 330lbs with a rack o doom and a belly o doom and no butt to speak of.....any help would be muchly appreciated! 

ETA:  I just want to say thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!  For all the information and advice.  And just for the validation that other people get this too.  It's funny, I usually think of myself as refusing to be shamed about my body, demanding health care etc....but I confess, I cancelled a doctor's appt on Monday b/c i was too humiliated to ask my doctor about these lesions/boils....now i not only have some ideas for dealing with 'em but feel way more comfortable going to the doctor knowing that i'm not alone, other people get these.  so again, thank you all!!!

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That sounds like Hidradenitis Suppurativa.

I have HS really badly, to where I am unable to walk sometimes from the pain. Have had to have my doctor lance the "boils" to make walking possible. Also manifests in the armpits, so I cannot raise my right arm over my head from pain. I am currently on two weeks of antibiotics (for the countless time) trying to clear it up enough to function.
There is no cure, there is no real prevention, though I have been going commando lately as I have noticed that undies (or any friction directly to the skin) makes it worse.
But it is a disease that should be monitored by a doctor... and has ties to many other auto immune illnesses.

I also have HS. It's one of those diseases that people don't know about and never talk about so no-one knows that anyone else is suffering.

I'm lucky as mine seems to have been under control by taking a daily low dose of antibiotics for the last 12 years or so (I was on tetracycline, but that has brought about side-effects so am back on twice daily eurythromycin). It was never bad enough to stop me walking, but I have some terrible scarring under my arms, boobs and on my upper thighs from the type of boils you talk about, and my god, the PAIN is horrendous. You have my total sympathy and I really hope that this bout clears up fast for you.

I get scarring really bad too and sometimes I get self-conscious about it.

But you're right - people never talk about it. The truth is though that a lot of people have this.

Yes, I refuse to wear sleeveless attire (without some sort of over shirt) because the scarring in my armpits is really bad. It looks like I was attacked by a wolf.

Checking in as another who has HS. I've had it since I was about 16 and I am now 48.

There is btw, an HS lj group but it is very ,very quiet.
I do belong to an extremely busy (and helpful) yahoo group. If anyone is interested I can link ya.

Could you link me? If you prefer to email, thewsg at gmail.


there will be an adult content disclaimer... don't be scared :P It is because of the various body parts being discussed as well as some actual sex with this disease talk from time to time.

Oh my God. I have had a condition exactly like that described in the Wiki article recurring for more than 10 years. I have been to multiple doctors including 2 dermatologists and no one ever discussed this condition with me or did anything other than lance the cyst that was bothering me enough to make me go to the doctor and give me an antibiotic. I have scars all over my inner thighs and under my arms from the recurring boils and I feel like an ugly freak for it. I always assumed it was some sort of acne. Thank you so much for posting this.

I have HS, too and also have major issues with showing my underarms. I am, however, coming to terms with it and am making progress in this arena.

I dread the summer because it makes the condition worse. :-(

And two weeks ago, I got one on my actual boob. I was devastated. Not because "ewwwww, my boob is all deformed now" or anything but more like "oh shit. It's spreading." *sigh*

I've been told that women with PCOS are more likely to get such boils, too -- I know my friend, who gets them on her thighs, was told this by her doctor.

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