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little miss shy
feisty_jenn wrote in fatshionista
this is embarassing, but i'm hoping somebody here can help!

we've talked about chub rub many times -- and i'm familiar with that as a (sometimes painful) red rash on inner thighs...but does anyone (else) get other symptoms?  Like large painful sorta blister-things?  i tend to get them in the fold between my (under)belly and my legs....very sore.  i've found in the past that wearing spanx-type garments helps because it holds the belly away from the legs, so the thingies don't develop.  But i HATE spanx and similar garments....so i'm wondering:

(1)  does anyone else get these?
(2)  what strategies do you use to avoid them or to treat them?
(3)  what undies and clothing would you recommend to deal with them?

i'm 5'6", 330lbs with a rack o doom and a belly o doom and no butt to speak of.....any help would be muchly appreciated! 

ETA:  I just want to say thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!  For all the information and advice.  And just for the validation that other people get this too.  It's funny, I usually think of myself as refusing to be shamed about my body, demanding health care etc....but I confess, I cancelled a doctor's appt on Monday b/c i was too humiliated to ask my doctor about these lesions/boils....now i not only have some ideas for dealing with 'em but feel way more comfortable going to the doctor knowing that i'm not alone, other people get these.  so again, thank you all!!!

They can be a variety of things. Ingrown hairs, infected ingrown hairs, or boils. The sore spot may be firm beneath the skin, or not. It may be red or discolored. It may or may not have what looks like a "head." If it is warm to the touch, it's probably infected.

Basically, it's a painful infection. It's not actually related to fatness though. It can happen where ever skin rubs against skin. I had a self loathing freak out a few years ago when I had several horribly painful boils along my inner thighs. I was almost crying at the doctor and seriosuly thinking "oh god does this mean I have to diet now?!" My skinny doctor told me this wasn't fat related because he gets them too. Some people's skin naturally has more bacteria on it, including staph (which can easily lead to infection). His suggestion was to ditch wash cloths and shower scrubbies because they are ideal places for bacteria to grow. If you must use a wash cloth, change them every day or two.

My thing is to wash and dry carefully. I also wipe down my thighs and under my breasts with witchhazel. If it's really hot sweaty weather, I keep a small bottle of witch hazel in my purse or desk drawer for a mid day wipe down. I also dab ouchy spots with tea tree essential oil (100% pure).

If you don't like spanx, I suggest cotton bike shorts. Something breathable is good in general because it keeps you from getting sweaty. Decent Exposures (link) has great items.

I never had any problems with getting these lump things until I went on depo provera for birth control. After I was on it for a while I started getting lumps like that just in my pubic hair...not really around my vagina, and on my inner thighs. They would hurt and pop on their own and be just overly painful and it freaked me out.

I told my gyno about how I was getting these weird lumps all of the sudden and she said it was most likely due to the shot since I was getting a big boost of estrogen every 3 months it made getting these pimple like lumps more likely. She told me to make sure I change my underwear daily (which I already did) and make sure I thoroughly dry myself down there after showering and physical activities. She never really told me exactly what my pimple lumps were but she made it sound they were mostly due to my shot and too much moisture down there.

I have one of those right now. I used to get them a lot worse but they seem to have let up for me. I put gold bond under my breasts before work (although I don't get them under there)... I used to use it on my inner thighs because I'd occasionally chafe really bad but it would work its way into my underwear and I think it gave me YIs sometimes. I definitely agree with a lot of the other commenters - keep the area dry somehow. I haven't had problems with my inner thighs lately but I know if I do my next stop will be some baby powder.

Also, an ex-boyfriend turned me on to Ichthammol ointment, which is basically a salve that is meant to draw infection out. It stinks to high heaven but the shit works - dab some on, put a band aid over it. I think you can get it otc if you ask your pharmacist. Occasionally I'll use it on my face before I get into bed, like if I get a really large pimple.

Also, I looked on wiki and apparently the drawing salve is actually mostly meant for boils, although that's obviously not its only purpose. Again, I can't recommended it enough - when I was getting really bad boils all the time, I could dab some of it on before bed and a nasty boil would literally be half its size by morning, and WAY less painful.

Ok... here are some things I have learned in dealing with HS for 30+ years:
(I have it mostly in the groin area, with occassionally one under my breast and have had a cple on my belly. So this is mostly for dealing with the groin area)

I try to change the style of undies I wear from day-to-day. It helps to cut down on the way the area gets friction.

I personally find if I shave, the area stays drier and that helps in my case. ALWAYS shave in the direction of hair growth in this area if you have or think you have HS as ingrown hairs can bring on *aliens* as we long-time HSers refer to our lesions.

Whenever I am able, I go without any clothing on the area. When I am home I almost always have on a nightshirt or at the very least, very baggy sleep pants and no undies. Letting things breath and be dry is a very good thing.

Some folks say use an anti-bacterial soap. For me...meh, I don't notice any diff. YMMV

Try not to pick. These lesions are sterile, but...if you pick it is possible to cause a secondary infection. If one breaks, I use a large band-aid if I need to go out somewhere and I need it covered to stay clean and because they hurt like a MF otherwise. BUT, the second I am home I let the air at it.
If you get one that is so bad it is beyond painful and isn't receding or breaking, go to the Dr/ER and have it lanced. You can end up with a serious infection by doing a home job on it. I have had several lanced and it feels awesome after.

I am sure I have more, but I'll have to think on it.

Ok, I haven't posted in this community but maybe one or two times (which I plan on changing, I love it here), but I really needed to comment on this.

I get boils too. The suck. I get them on my inner thighs, butt, underarms and sometimes under my breasts. For a long time I assumed there wasn't anything to be done about it, just had to deal with it.

Then I started taking garlic oil (you can get this at a pharmacy, it's with the herbal stuff). One a night before bedtime. It helps. But it just wasn't enough on it's own.

Soo I just recently started using half a bottle of peroxide in a really hot bath. I have never felt as clean as I do when I do this. My skin feels amazing after this and the boils are now coming few and far between.

Also, someone above mentioned Cetaphil. I use this too. The anti-bacterial Cetaphil is great.

Keeping the area as dry as possible is a huge deal. So do that.

I hope some of this helps. I know reading the other comments has really helped me. I was so worried that I was the only twenty-something year old having this problem. It's nice to know someone else knows how terrible this is. Well, maybe I shouldn't word it like that...I wish no one had to go through it. It hurts so much. :(